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This Baby Underwent A Heart Surgery Just Few Days After Birth, He Needs Our Help To Go Home

My son was 2 days old when we found out that he had a heart problem. We did not have a chance to celebrate his birth. We did not even hold him properly. In fact, we were thinking of names and the minute he turned blue, our thoughts just froze.

They call him Baby of Prameela. I can still hear the doctors asking “What’s the baby’s name? What’s the baby’s name? We need it for the charts! hospital staff asked during admission. I couldn’t speak. Someone said, “They haven’t named him yet. They entered the names as baby of prameela, my wife's name

My son has a hole in his heart. He was struggling to breathe. All I could see and think about was him.

We are from a village near Nagpur.We are farmers. But, when our baby needed a doctor, we rushed him to the hospital. There, an echo report showed the problem, and the solution became clear. He needed surgery. A 2-day-old baby needed open-heart surgery. 

I heard that the hospital in Nagpur hadn’t overseen any case for heart surgery in 2 years. Fearing for my baby’s health, we rushed to Hyderabad where we knew a doctor was performing at least 7 a day.

My baby’s state turned critical. We had no time to wait and arrange for funds. We had to rush him into the surgery.
We paid whatever we had saved, collected from friends/family, sold the only piece of land we owned. Thankfully, our baby had the surgery and he is recovering. He still needs intensive care for a few days to make sure there are no complications.

We couldn’t afford half the cost of the surgery and now we have no means to afford the PICU care. We are stuck here in Hyderabad when the rest of our family is in the village. 

Our 4-year-old daughter is also back in the village waiting for us to get back with her healthy baby brother. We just have no means to get back.

How you can help
Bhaskar and Prameela, the baby boy’s parents are now struggling to mobilize what little funds they can to pay for their child’s treatment. He is just 2 weeks old during which time his parents have been to hell and back trying to save his life. They are in need of approximately Rs. 5.3 lakhs for surgery bills and post-op care.

You can help Baby of Prameela strengthen his heart and go home for the first time. He has a long future waiting for him.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.