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Newborn's Head Swells Up Twice The Size With Excess Fluid In Brain, Needs Urgent Treatment

"I barely got to hold my baby since the day he is born. Every time I go to the ICU to see him, he would cry and I feel so helpless, I couldn’t do anything to comfort my son from the excruciating pain that he’s going through. I just come out of the ICU and with tears in my eyes and pray that he would recover from the disease. I wonder how much pain this tiny being of mine might have gone through every time the excess fluid from his brain is removed. It seems to be a never ending process.” - Nazia, with tears in her eyes.

Due to unexpected complications, Nazia delivered her first child before the due date

Nazia delivered the baby before the due date as the baby was having high blood pressure. Soon after the baby was delivered, he was kept in NICU. As the baby was kept under constant observation, he was then diagnosed with intraventricular haemorrhage. It is a condition where the premature newborns have excess fluid accumulation in the brain and this needs to be removed every now and then. The baby needs to undergo this process for a period of three weeks, otherwise, it would risk the chances of his survival.

"My husband was overjoyed when he was born. We were so excited to celebrate our first anniversary with our first child. We decided to name our baby Abdul Vari. I was in the hospital recovering from C-section and when I was told that my son is battling for life in ICU, I couldn’t think of anything but to go and be with my son. Now I get to see him only once a day and it really pains me to leave my son struggling on his own."

The baby’s head swell up because of excess fluid in the brain which needs to be removed at regular intervals

Abdul has already undergone two surgeries. His head swells up twice the size and only by removing the excess fluid he could survive. The baby also needs to be kept in ventilation support that provides him artificial nutrition while the process of excess water removal is done.

"Now I think of nothing else other than my baby’s condition. I’m just waiting for the day where I could take Abdul to our home and hold him close to me and feed him and comfort him from all the pain and struggle that he’s been going through. The doctors said that Abdul is making a progress and he will recover soon if they continue the procedure for a few more days."

Nazia and her husband are running low on funds to save their son

Nazia’s husband Aamir works in a motorbike company earning a meagre income. He has taken every pain and effort to save Abdul from this fatal disease. By borrowing some money from his friends and with the help of Nazia’s brother, he could spend 5 lakhs for the treatment. Now he has no one to help and he has exhausted all his savings.

“My husband made every effort to help our child survive. It’s been really difficult for him to go to work every day when Abdul is battling for life. He calls me from work for every one hour and asks me about our baby. He stopped going to work for the past few days as he couldn’t focus on work when our son is suffering so much.

How you can help

Nazia’s 1-month-old Abdul is suffering from intraventricular haemorrhage because of which excess fluids is accumulated in his brain and it needs to be removed at regular intervals. Aamir could look after the expenses by borrowing some money from his friends and with the help of Nazia’s brother and by using some of his savings. But now he’s running low on funds and only your support can help these distraught parents save their newborn.

Your support can help Abdul live

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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