After Losing Her First Twin, Single-Mother Struggles Alone To Save Her 11-Day-Old Baby's Life | Milaap
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After Losing Her First Twin, Single-Mother Struggles Alone To Save Her 11-Day-Old Baby's Life

"Before I could even see his face, he was gone. My first twin died 10 minutes after birth. Now my second twin is critical. He is unable to breathe. I don't want to lose him"- Mira
The news of pregnancy had made Mira so happy. She started stitching clothes, little woollen socks for the babies. But these lie unused in her house. She lost one of her twins and the second one is fighting for his life. Her husband refused to take care of her or the baby. Now, she stands alone, without help, not knowing how to save her 11-day-old baby.

The little baby is covered in tubes and is gasping for every breath he takes

Just after Mira’s baby was born, the doctors found out that he has severe pneumonia. It had affected both his lungs and even the simple act of breathing has become utterly difficult for him. It is heart-wrenching to see the little baby gasping for each breath. Mira feels helpless that she can’t do anything for her son.

Mira’s pregnancy was complicated and she has been struggling with her condition all alone

Mira has blood pressure complaints all her life and that had become a problem when she became pregnant. She was under proper medications but even then, due to her high pressure, she needed a C-section soon. Her husband left her alone in this condition.  There was no one next to her to even sign the consent letter before she went into surgery.

My husband doesn’t stay with me; he doesn’t even care about our well-being. The night the doctor said that I had to undergo the surgery there was no one from my family who could come to the hospital and sign the consent letter. Everything got delayed because of that. If the surgery would have taken place in the right time, I could have saved my babies."

The little baby has been fighting for his life since birth and has seen no respite

Mira’s baby has been on ventilator support since he was born. He is too weak to even breastfeed.
“While I was there in the hospital, I used to visit him twice a day. As I peered through the glass door of the NICU and looked at his tiny arms and legs, tears rolled down my face. Everyday, the doctors are pushing injections into his little body, I can’t imagine the pain he is going through. I am at home now but my stitches from the surgery have not yet healed. I can’t even go to see the baby in the hospital due to my condition. My days are spent worrying about my baby."

The family is too poor to afford the treatment that will save the baby

With every passing day, Mira’s baby is fighting a battle that he doesn’t seem to win. He still needs to stay in the intensive care unit for a minimum of 20 days to get better. Mira's mother came to her help and spent about 2 lakhs borrowing and using her savings. She has no means to arrange for the 4 lakhs that are required for the prolonged stay in the hospital.
“I have been living with my mother since a long time now, my husband has not spent a penny on my baby’s or my treatment. He doesn’t even know that his son is so critical. My mother has been taking care of all of us from the meagre amount of her pension. There is no way that we can arrange for so much money. I keep on thinking why does my child have to face so much pain and why I can do nothing to ease his pain." 

How you can help

11 day old baby of Mira is struggling for every breath. Mira will lose her baby if she cannot continue to keep him under treatment. Mira never experienced a good life, she grew up in poverty, her husband refused her and now she is on the verge of losing one more child. With our help, she can save her baby. 

Your help can save baby of Mira

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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