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A Liver Transplant Will Help This 5-Month-Old To Survive

Shal and his wife visits the hospital every week with their 5-month-old baby. With every visit, they are losing hope of saving their baby. She is suffering from end stage liver disease and needs a liver transplantation to survive.
Shal works as an office staff in a school in Gonikoppal, Kodagu district of Karnataka.  His wife, Litti Paul, used to work as a nurse but left her job when she was expecting the baby.

She needs an urgent liver transplant

When the baby was just 2 months old, she developed jaundice and was under treatment. Soon, the doctors diagnosed she has a condition called Biliary Atresia. She underwent a surgery called the Kasai procedure but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. The only option left to save this 5-month-old is a  liver transplantation.

"We cannot see her suffer anymore. In these 5 months, she has gone through a lot", say Shal.

Her parents are struggling to arrange for funds
Shal has managed all the treatment expenses till now but he is unable to arrange the funds for the transplant.
The hospital has subsidised the cost of transplantation to 12.5 lakhs to help the family. Shal has managed to arrange for 2.5 lakhs. He needs the support of generous individuals to raise the remaining funds so his daughter can stay alive.

"We have informed the school where I work, but they have supported us already for the first procedure but still they helped us collect 2.5 lakhs",says Shal

How you can help
Shal and Litti are trying their best to arrange the funds for his transplant. Pre-transplant tests have begun but the expenses are increasing than expected. We are trying to raise necessary funds for baby of litti paul so she can undergo the transplant on time

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