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Priest Prays For Help To Fund Emergency Heart Surgery For 2-month-old Son

“We hoped for best things for our baby. But in just a week they told us that his heart was defective – leaking blood into his small lungs.” -Vamshi, the baby's father.

Vamshi and Kalyani had a baby boy just two months back. In just a week, they found out that their baby had a deadly heart defect. Their baby's life is in danger till he gets a small surgery that reduces excessive blood flow to his lungs. This will keep him alive long enough to get a corrective treatment.

 This baby needs a surgery that will keep him alive for now

Their baby is always breathing hard because of his heart defect

They have not formally named the baby boy yet – but they call him Komal Narayan. It was a name lovingly picked by an elder in the family. It is a name that the parents of this baby – Vamshi and Kalyani – hope bring him luck. His parents believe that despite his heart defect, Komal shows a strong will to live. 

“He breathes hard – like he has run. It reminds us that our little, happy baby can be taken from us. But otherwise – he has gained weight. From the last 10 days, he started smiling at his mother too. Despite what the doctor says, we both feel that if our son can smile – surely he can survive after the surgery,” says Vamshi.

Vamshi followed his family's profession and has no funds to save his son

Vamshi decided to become a priest because his entire family is engaged in performing poojas. He dedicated his life to studying the Vedas and educating others about what it says. He even works with an academy to preserve ancient palm-leaf manuscripts. Unfortunately, his only income comes from performing poojas – an uncertain source of money for the family. 

“We live in the premises of an ashram that takes care of most of our needs. I conduct poojas, take classes on the Vedas and help preserve and digitise old texts. In a month – I can earn up to Rs 8,000.  We led a simple life – we never thought we would need more than that,” Vamshi explains.

Komal will not make it without an emergency surgery

Everyone in Vamshi's family is engaged in the same profession and no one is in a position to help him. He has already spent Rs 1 lakh on treatment and has nothing left to pay for the surgery that will ease Komal's breathing. Without surgery, Komal's life is at great risk. 

Kalyani is still recovering from the C-section. She spends her entire day lavishing care on her son – hoping to make him as comfortable as possible. The young couple is scared of what might happen to Komal if he is not treated.

How you can help

Komal's health can deteriorate badly at any time. His heart is pumping excess blood to his lungs which can lead to his lungs filling up with fluid. He needs a minor PA-band surgery – that will control the blood flow to his lungs. This surgery will keep him alive, until he is strong enough to have corrective treatment.

Your contribution can help these parents save their baby. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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