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This Premature Baby Born With A Hole In The Heart And Lung Infection Needs Urgent Treatment

“I never thought that the first time when I see my baby girl she'll be in an incubator, struggling for her life. I saw my baby girl after 8 days of her birth.  As soon as she was born, she had to be put in high frequency ventilator. She is born with so many defects and I am scared that she might not be able to fight all.” Humera, the baby’s mother.

The parents' happiness was shattered when their baby girl was born with multiple defects

Humera and Idrees were more than excited to welcome their little bundle of joy. Idrees who works in Nagpur had taken leave to spend some happy time with his wife and newborn. Their happiness was crushed when they had a premature baby girl at 32 weeks. Their baby girl was born with a hole in the heart and her platelet count was abnormally low. She also had very low weight. She has also got a terrible infection which caused pneumonia.

“I had not missed any scans during my pregnancy. I had high blood pressure during pregnancy and that was the only problem. I strongly believed that I would give birth to a healthy child but fate had other plans. Even before I gained consciousness after the child birth, my baby was moved to a different hospital in Hyderabad. Before I could hold her in my arms, she beagn to  struggle for her life.”

Humera is desperate to save her newborn baby at any cost

While Idrees stayed with his wife in Bidar, his brother stayed in Hyderabad with the baby. Humera could be next to her baby only after 8 days of birth. Now she stays in the hospital all the day to feed her baby. Humera has not yet recovered completely from the c-section, but she is willing to do anything to save her baby.

“My husband works as a civil supervisor in Nagpur. He used to come home once a month. This time he came with the hope of spending happy time before he got back to work. Instead, he ended up spending sleepless nights at the hospital. The happiness we were hoping for, might end terribly if we can’t save our baby.”

The family has been skipping meals to save the baby girl

Humera lived in a joint family with her in-laws. The house has been mortgaged to save her baby. Idrees also had to sell all of his wife’s jewelry. The family even had to cut expenses on food.

“We have already spent Rs 7 lakhs in just 25 days. Neither Idrees nor I have seen so much money in our lives. My husband earns Rs 500 per day and we saved every rupee for our children’ s education. We are from the labor class, but we always wanted our kids to live a poverty-free life. We wanted them to do something better with their lives. All the savings for their future is gone now. Despite exhausting all the resources, we are at the edge. We can’t bear to lose our baby to poverty.”

How you can help

Humera's 21-day-old baby girl suffers from multiple development problems. The baby needs 2 more weeks of treatment. She has a good chance of recovery if the treatment is continued.  The cost required to save her now is Rs 8 lakhs and her parents have nothing left to save her. They are desperately waiting for a help. Only your support can save this baby.

Your support can help these parents save their baby girl.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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