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Farmer’s Newborn Baby may Lose His life Without An Urgent Open Heart Surgery

Rajkumar's 3-month-old baby, Devesh, has a severe heart condition. The doctors performed an emergency open heart surgery a few days back to save him. At present, Baby Devesh is on ventilator support and his parents are struggling to keep him alive. They cannot continue paying the hospital bills and are scared that they may not be able to save their baby. 

The little one had to undergo surgery at the earliest

Rajkumar and Julie could not have asked for more when their son was born. They were elated the day Devesh came home, but things took a turn for worse pretty quickly. The baby was just 2-month-old when he was contracted Pneumonia.

"We weren't worried about Pneumonia. The doctors told us that he would be fine. But only then was the hole in his heart found. He couldn't even breathe properly. Seeing your baby gasping for air, while you sit beside him helplessly is the worst feeling any father could ever experience. We begged the doctor to do something for him," said Rajkumar. 

An open-heart surgery was the only way that Baby Devesh could get better. It was the only way he could breathe again.

"His nostrils flared and he turned blue. He had to be rushed to the operation theatre and an emergency open heart surgery was performed", recalled Rajkumar.

A long fight ahead

While done with the surgery, Devesh is currently on a ventilator support, struggling to regain consciousness. The doctors say that not much can be said about the efficacy of the operation performed until the baby comes out of ventilator and starts to breathe on his own. 

If everything goes well, Devesh will still have to stay in the hospital for next 15 days to ensure complete recovery. But right now, the parents are just praying for their baby to open his eyes and smile a smile that they so fondly recollect.

"We are scared, but what can we do more than to wait? We have two kids, and everything that we are and everything that we have is for them. A life with either of them missing in unimaginable," said Rajkumar.  

A family of humble means

Julie and Rajkumar are from a village in Mathura and live with their parents and a younger brother. The farming is the family profession and they barely make Rs 5000 per month. With this income they have to look after their elder son and parents, as well as arrange for Devesh's treatment. So far, they have managed to arrange Rs 1.2 lakhs after borrowing from their friends and relatives. They still have to arrange about Rs 6 lakhs more.

What I earn gets used to feed the entire family. In our society, a small farmer is poor and even if I work day and night, the whole year, I will not be able to arrange enough money for the treatment. I can’t lose my baby at any cost,” said a distressed Rajkumar. 

How can you help? 

Devesh is barely 3-month-old and has his entire life in front of him. Help him recover and gift him a life that every baby deserves. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards his treatment. 

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