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Help 1-year-old Chanudi Who Does Not Eat Or Sleep Because Of Excruciating Pain From Liver Disease

"You can feel her pain when she cries! You can see that hernia and imagine what she is going through. At her age, it is unthinkable! I will do anything it takes to save my daughter."

My name is C. Palasurya. My wife, Nabeesha and I have come to India from Srilanka for the first time. We got married just 2 years ago and no this is not a vacation. We are here to save our daughter's life. Chanudi is 1 year old. She has end-stage liver disease. My daughter won't live until her 2nd birthday if we cannot afford a liver transplant surgery. We are doing everything we can to make sure she gets to live the life we dreamed for her.

We found out her liver is failing

It was only when Chanudi was about 1.5 months old that we noticed she was sick. She turned yellow. We knew it was jaundice, only that her symptoms were not fading even when we gave her the prescribed medicines. My wife and I took her to several hospitals. She had to get blood tests and we even had to admit her.
The results shocked us. They said Chanudi had liver disease. At that time, she was not even putting on weight. She needed surgery, but we had to go after she put on weight. When she was 3 months old. Chanudi had a surgery. It did not help, instead, she got a hernia. Her condition just got worse.

Our only option was to come to India for a cure

We observed that she began passing black colored stool. She was bleeding inside, and we were scared for her. Again, we took her to the hospital. They said the only way to save her is a liver transplant. Hospitals back home were of no help, so we brought her to Bangalore.
After several tests, Chanudi's diagnosis was confirmed. She is short on time. We have to go for the transplant as soon as possible. I wanted to donate my liver. I was not a match. My wife is. This surgery will cost us about Rs. 15 lakhs but we do not have as much. We need help to save Chanudi.

She is in constant pain and we do not have much time

I work in the prison department making 21000 Srilankan Rupee, that is about Rs. 8000. Nabeesha is a housewife. We came to India with the money collected by our friends and relatives. They gave us everything they had so we can seek treatment here. We are exhausting all of it on travel, food, expenses, admission, medicines and tests. Chanudi's surgery is very important to us. If we delay, I will lose her, and now I feel helpless.

How you can help

"She keeps crying all day and night. She does not sleep for more than an hour in the night. She screams when she is trying to potty. It hurts her, because of the hernia. I can feel Chanudi's pain. It is tearing me apart. I am begging everyone I know to help me end it for her. She is my life. I cannot live without her. I crossed the ocean for her, and now I need to make this surgery possible."
Your support can save my 1-year-old daughter from living in pain every second. She can stay alive and even live her life. Please help us.

Disclaimer: 100% of funds raised will be transferred towards Chanudi's treatment. Every contribution will be matched to raise funds faster and help little Chanudi. This fundraiser campaign is supported by The Pravin Agarwal Fund.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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