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This 1-Month-Old Baby, Born After 14 Years Of Marriage, Is Fighting To Survive In The ICU

After 14 years of marriage, Ramabujhan and Neelam’s dream of having a baby finally came true on 2nd November. They named him Ankush. A few days after birth, Ankush had a fever. On 20th December, baby Ankush was rushed to the hospital after he developed an infection and couldn’t breathe anymore. He has been in the ICU on ventilator support ever since. His condition is gradually improving, but he needs to stay in ICU care for the next 10 days to get better.

Baby Ankush has only known pain since birth

Ramabujhan had never expected life to take such a tragic turn for his little baby. Baby Ankush started falling sick just a few days after he was born. He was given medication, and the worried parents then thought their baby would get some relief.

“We gave him his medicine and put him to sleep like always, but he didn't wake up after that. He didn’t open his eyes, he had stopped breathing and didn’t move a muscle. In that moment, we were sure we lost him. I panicked and called the doctor who asked me to rush him to the hospital. I had almost given up all hope till he was put on a ventilator in the ICU.”

Baby Ankush had developed bilateral pneumonia. Ramabujhan and Neelam saw a small ray of hope when their baby started breathing again, but they knew that their little one had an uphill battle ahead of him.

They thought their family was finally complete, but now risk losing their new-born baby

Ramabujhan and Neelam have been struggling with infertility for years now.  They had given up all hope of ever having a baby before they were told about IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) by their doctor in Gurgaon. The doctor understood their financial background and even gave them a concession.

“He knew we had always longed for a child, but also knew that we couldn’t afford an expensive procedure. He helped us through this and we’re forever grateful to him. The day I held my baby boy in my arms was the happiest day of my life. All my dreams came true when Ankush came into our lives. Now, I see that slipping away. My wife cries every day thinking about him.”

Ramabujhan is afraid he will never get to hold his baby again. He and his wife spend their whole day in the hospital, eagerly waiting outside the ICU for visiting hours to begin so that they can get a glimpse of their baby. Ankush’s condition is improving, but he still needs to be in the ICU for 10 more days.

Without sufficient funds, they will be forced to stop their baby’s treatment

Ramabujhan works as a tailor and his earnings are not enough to pay for his son’s expensive medical treatment. He is extremely stressed at the thought of losing his son due to lack of funds.

“My baby has made progress in the past few days. Now he even looks at us when he hears our voice. He’s fighting hard, but all this will be for nothing if I can’t pay for his treatment. I’m only a small tailor, how can I afford such an amount?”
Baby Ankush needs 2 lakhs to get the treatment he deserves and have a chance of experiencing a world of love and health. This little one can go back to the warmth of his home instead of waking up alone in the hospital every day if given treatment.

How You Can Help

Baby Ankush is only one and a half months old and is already fighting for his life in the ICU. His father, Ramabujhan, can’t afford to keep him in the ICU and needs help to save his son. With 10 more days in the ICU, baby Ankush will be able to get better again.

Your support will save this baby and give him a healthy future.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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