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4-Year-Old Can't Even Have A Bite To Eat Without Being In Severe Pain, Needs Urgent Help

“We don't know how to help him. He’s our only child, we can’t lose him.”

Aswak Nenavath is the only child of Raju and Suvarna Nenavath. Three years ago, when he was barely over a year old, he started crying uncontrollably from stomach pain, his stomach was swollen and he could barely eat. Scared at the condition of his child, Raju took him to a doctor. He was told that Aswak’s situation was far more complicated than what they thought and that he needs to be taken to a hospital immediately. Aswak was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis.

Aswak with his parents at the hospital

Aswak is too young for surgery but needs constant medical attention

Aswak’s age proved to be a big hindrance in the way of treatment. The doctors almost lost hope in the case because he was just a baby. But Raju was adamant about saving his son and brought him to Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad. There, Aswak started treatment for pancreatitis. His condition was so critical that he needed intensive medical attention and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Over the course of last 3 years, he’s been admitted to the hospital 4 times. Each time his condition is aggravated, he would be rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Although Aswak has been on constant medication since the diagnosis, he has barely felt any relief from the constant pain and discomfort his ailment inflicts on him. Now over 4 years old, Aswak still has difficulty in eating and keeping his food down.

All his parents want, is to see him alive and healthy

“It kills us to see him writhe in pain. It makes us feel helpless that being his parents, we can’t do anything to make him feel better.”
At such a young age, the pain and misery Aswak suffers in intolerable to him and his family. He constantly cries from the pain and his parents can do nothing to make his pain go away.  Raju and Suvarna constantly pray for their only child’s wellbeing and quick recovery, but in reality, there is little they can do to improve his condition.

“We don’t know what we would do without him, we can’t even have more children”

A few weeks after Aswak was diagnosed, Suvarna got pregnant a second time. A few months into the pregnancy when she got herself checked, they found out that the fetus hadn’t grown at all. Not willing to take a risk with her health, Raju and Suvarna aborted the pregnancy and decided to focus all their energy and resources on the well being of their only son, despite the odds.

Through his illness, Aswak is still a happy, hopeful child

Raju cannot handle the ever-mounting expenses of Aswak's treatment

What makes Raju and Suvarna feel all the more helpless is their financial condition. Raju is a daily-wage labourer and doesn’t earn more than Rs 6,000 a month. This meager income takes care of Raju's joint family of 6, which includes his parents and younger sister. Adding to his responsibilities, his younger sister is of marriageable age and he needs to arrange her marriage. This pressure of handling family responsibilities, while taking care of his ailing son, takes the biggest toll on Raju.

Neck-deep in debt and out of resources to save Aswak

Suvarna is a homemaker who needs to take care of Aswak all the time. Although she learned to tailor and added to the family income, Aswak’s condition doesn't leave her with any spare time or energy on her hands and she’s forced to witness her son’s suffering in misery. So far Raju has borrowed over Rs 7.5 lakhs for Aswak’s treatment and now he’s at a loss. His son's treatment is way more expensive than he can afford.

How you can help

Aswak needs intensive medical attention till he turns 14, after which he needs to undergo a surgery that will finally cure him of pancreatitis. Raju and Suvarna are prepared to do everything it takes for their son to be healthy again, but their dream can only be realised if they get help from us.

Your contribution can give Aswak a second chance at life.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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