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From Kashmir To Bangalore, To Save A 2-year-old's Life

From when he was 6 months old till now, Arsalan has completed 26 blood transfusions which kept him alive till now. He underwent an emergency bone marrow transplant which saved his life, But now when the family thought that their lives were coming back to normal, 2-year-old Arsalan developed infections and his ordeal continues. The family is in desperate need of funds.

Parents Travel Over 2000 Kilometers To Save Their Son

Ahmed and his wife, Ayesha,travelled from Kashmir to Bangalore in the hope to save their son who has diagnosed with Thalassemia when he wsas just 6 months. With help from relatives and friends, they arrranged money for his emergency transplant but now Arsalan fights infections. Ahmed has no money left to continue Arsala's treatment. He is  Government servant and Ayesha is a teacher. All their savings were
spent for the treatment and now they are left with no option to continue.

2-Year-Old Arsalan Underwent An Emergency Transplant 

Arsalan underwent an emergency transplant. Doctors identified a German fully matched donor and the transplant was done immediately. It was Ahmed's friends and relatives that helped collect money for the transplant. But now all their efforts will go in vain if Arsalan cannot make it, fully recovered.

It has been many days since he is in the hospital. Ayesha stays in the hospital when Ahmed goes to the rented place at night. They left their  5-year-old daughter in Jammu in the care of her grand parents. "I know he misses us and her brother but it's been days since we saw her. She cries in the calls asking to see her mother but we have to manage till Arasalan recovers".

He Needs To Be Hospitalized For More Days

While the doctors are trying their best to save Arsalan, the family's only prayer is that they should find some way to continue Arsalan's treatment. The hospitalisation charges, the rent for the accomodation outside and the medications are way beyond what this family can afford.

His hospital bills are mouting up everyday but Arsalan cannot be discharged as his infections would become more worse. He needs to be in a hygenic set-up. The couple has no one left to ask for help and is now looking to kind-hearted individuals for help.

How You Can Help

Arasalan needs to continue his treament to become infection-free. All the efforts of the family will be in vain if he does not make it out the hospital free from the disease that gave him pain all these months. Our support will ensure Arsalan completes his treatment.
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