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11-Year-Old's Cancer Is Slowly Killing Him, He May Succumb To It Without Urgent Treatment

“It is very painful to see my child going to sleep on an empty stomach. I try to feed him every now and then but every time he eats something, he throws up.  Sometimes he throws up blood. My husband and I have taken our child to almost all the hospitals in Guwahati but no medicine could make him better. My son thought we’re on vacation when we had to travel for his treatment, he doesn’t know that cancer is killing him. He’s my only child and I can’t let him die." Mani, Arnab’s mother.

Arnab had no idea that he would have to travel only to get painful treatment

11-year-old Arnab had never visited a different town. For him, vacations meant going to his maternal uncle’s house in the next village. He was very excited when Mani told him that they have to travel to Chennai. Arnab had no idea that without this travel he might not even live. He didn’t know that he has to fight something as dangerous as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a dangerous form of blood cancer.

“My little boy was a very active child. 3 months ago he had an ordinary fever. But Himan and I were shocked because even after giving him medicines from 10 different doctors, his fever only worsened. He would vomit 3-4 times at least, sometimes even on empty stomach. He had no energy to walk around or even speak much.”

Arnab is dying a slow death which he doesn’t even know 

Little Arnab was happy about staying in a new city until the doctors put him through painful medications and chemotherapy. He doesn’t know that he has cancer. Mani hasn't been able to muster the courage to tell his son that he might die. He thinks he has a blood infection. He has become friends with other children in the ward. He loves to play with them and paint. These are his only distractions in the hospital.

“My life revolves around my son. My happy family is slowly falling apart. The fact that my child has cancer is too hard to digest. Himan and I spend sleepless nights thinking about our son's condition. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to look at him and not shed a tear. I can’t afford to lose my son.”

Despite selling everything, the parents are struggling to save their only son

Himan runs a small tea stall in Guwahati. He somehow manages to earn Rs 200 or 300 per day. Also, there are days when he barely makes Rs 50. The family has been in Chennai for 2 months now and they have no income. Mani has sold all her jewelry and they had to mortgage their house just to keep their son alive.

“We have already spent Rs 4 lakhs so that my son stays alive. The money that we got after selling everything is over now. We never had the means to save for future. Now all we can do is beg people. I can’t lose my son to cancer just because we are poor. I have to save him at any cost.”

How you can help

11-year-old Arnab is suffering from blood cancer and will not live without chemotherapy. The cost required to save him now is Rs 10 lakhs. His parents have exhausted everything to save their only son. Without urgent treatment, Arnab will never be able to go back home again.

Your support can help the parents to save their only son from cancer.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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