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This IIT aspirant is not ready to give up on his dreams despite losing both kidneys to a critical condition

"I always wanted to get into IIT and I knew I would, but life is taking me on a journey now. I am not sure I will be alive but I will not give up now".
22-year-old Arindam Jagati, a 4th year Engineering student and IIT aspirant from Kalyani Government Engineering College has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The symptoms started to appear in the year 2013 when stones were found in his kidney. He was put on medications and was back to normal life in a few days.  After few months, he started falling ill and the same problem resurfaced. It was in November 2016 that his family was made aware of the shocking news that their son's kidneys have failed. Arindam now survives on dialysis.

Arindam's dream is to get into IIT for a masters degree but his condition has stopped him from appearing for his exams but this 22-year-old does not want to give up.

Arindam is the only son of his parents

Arindam's parents are in a difficult situation. Their only son is fighting for his life at this young age. They have spent all they could, but the cost of the transplant is beyond what they can afford now.

They need to arrange 8 lakhs for the transplant. The family has managed to continue his dialysis and medications till now.  

Arindam needs to undergo dialysis thrice a week. Each day is a challenge for the family to be able to afford their son's treatment

Arindam's father is not suitable to be the donor

When the doctors recommended that Arindam needs a kidney transplant, the first step was to find a suitable donor who can donate a kidney to Arindam.

His father volunteered to be the donor but the results of medical tests done on him came as a shock to the family. Arindam's father's kidneys are affected too and he is not fit to be the donor. This means the family should find another donor for the transplant.

Arindam missed his semester exams because of this condition 

Arindam's treatment has come with a cost. He had to discontinue his studies. He missed his semester examinations and this has affected him much. "He was ready to appear for the exams but his doctor refused to let him as the stress and hard work would have put him in trouble", says Arindam's friend

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How you can help

Your help will save Arindam's life. He is a brilliant student and wants to pursue his education. This is his last chance to survive. With our support, this 22-year-old can stay alive to achieve his dreams.

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