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Angel Is Slipping Away Because Of Cancer, And Her Parents Are Desperate To Save Her Before It's Too Late

She keeps asking me ‘Mumma, will I ever get better? Will I ever go to school again?’ and all I can do is hold her and tell her she will be fine soon. It breaks my heart. I know that without treatment nothing will stop cancer from taking my child away.”

Blood cancer has taken over 6-year-old Angel’s life. Once an enthusiastic and active child, Angel now doesn’t have any energy left in her. She is extremely weak, and her playful childhood is long behind her. On some days, she can’t even drink water without throwing up. Her parents, Pintu and Pinku, have been living in fear about her future for 3 months now and will continue to do so if her treatment isn’t continued. Angel can survive cancer only with chemotherapy.

The shocking diagnosis that destroyed Angel’s childhood

Three months ago, Angel’s condition began rapidly deteriorating. Pinku took her to several hospitals in their hometown in Guwahati, Assam, but to her disappointment, she got no answers and Angel got no respite from pain. She only got sicker. Angel was so weak, that she couldn’t even walk without falling. She barely ate, and when she did, she would throw up everything.

“After a few weeks, we finally found out what was causing her so much pain. When the doctor said it was cancer, I was in shock. I refused to believe that my healthy child now had to fight for her life. He told us that they couldn’t give us any guarantee of saving her, and all our hopes came crashing down. We were devastated beyond words, but we couldn’t give up even before trying.”

Pintu and Pinku then took Angel all the way from Guwahati to Chennai to get her treated. They have finally found hope for their daughter. Now, Angel has had 3 cycles of chemotherapy, and still needs 4 more cycles. While she’s improving, they can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. Without completing treatment, their Angel won’t make it.

All of Angel’s progress will be in vain if they can’t continue her treatment

We can’t stop her treatment, but we can’t afford it either. We’re terribly stuck now. She's improved so much in the time that she's been in Chennai. Before this, she looked like all the life had been drained out of her. Now, she’s getting healthier. I can see my Angel coming back to us slowly. Her platelet count has improved, and the doctors are positive that she will get better with chemotherapy.”

While there's hope for Angel's recovery, her parents have nothing left to save her. Pintu works as a salesman in a small furniture shop in Guwahati and earns just about enough to provide for his family of four. He’s struggling to keep up with Angel’s increasing medical expenses now. They have spent nearly 3 lakhs so far but now might be forced to face their biggest nightmare – stopping Angel’s treatment and losing her to cancer forever.

Angel has made good progress in the one month of her treatment, but their empty pockets stand in the way of her cancer-free future. This is her only chance to beat cancer and she desperately needs your help. 

How You Can Help

Angel needs urgent help to continue chemotherapy and have a fighting chance to beat cancer. Pintu and Pinku have spent everything they had to ensure that she gets treated and can't afford the Rs 10 lakhs needed for her recovery. Angel needs your support to survive blood cancer.

Your support will save Angel’s life.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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