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With Your Support This 13 Year Old Dancer Suffering From Spinal Cancer Can Dance Again

13-year-old Ananya fondly called "Puchi" is a trained Kathak and Bharatnatyam dancer. She says "she loves to express her feelings through dance" and wants to pursue her career in Indian classical dance. However, since last December she gave up on her passion and feels really concerned about her future. In September of last year, she was diagnosed with spinal cancer (Ewing's sarcoma, bone cancer) which has now resulted in partial paralysis of lower part of her body. She has already undergone a surgery, however, due to the malignant tumor, she requires 6 cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.

Ananya's father has run out of ways to raise funds for treatment and requires your support to make her healthy again.

It all started as a back pain

Ananya hails from a village in Bankura district of West Bengal. In the last week of July Ananya complained of a back pain, initially, the parents thought that it was maybe due to over practicing, however, the pain did not subside and in the couple of days, they took her to a local physician in their village, who initially treated her for a gastric problem however when the pain did not go and eventually increased the parents decided to take her to a doctor is Asansol.
However, even his medications did not decrease the pain and the girl was in great pain.

Since then Ananya is unable to sit, unable to bend, unable to walk properly even she has problems sleeping and doing basic movements.

During the Durga pooja, the parents decided to take her to Dr. Mallick in Bankura. the doctor suggested it could be a case of nerve issue and suggested to undergo a series of tests. However, nothing unusual came out of those tests.

"We are extremely concerned about her since her exams were fast approaching and we were unable to do anything to help in easing the pain." - Salil Ananya's father

Then came a life-saving suggestion

One of Salil's friends suggested him to take Ananya to Nimhans hospital in Bangalore. It turned out to be a life-saving suggestion after somehow writing her 9th-grade exams, Ananya was taken to Nimhans in Bangalore in the month of January.

With only 12000 rupees Salil managed to get all the tests done for Ananya. He did not even have 12000 rupees that time half of the money was arranged by her brother in law. However Dr. Indradevi in Nimhans successfully identified the disease and informed about the development of tumor close to her spine.

"Ananya's condition is extremely serious if you had delayed coming down another week, it would have become extremely difficult to save her "

The doctor suggested an urgent surgery be performed to remove the malignant tumor and suggested to undergo several cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"I am thankful to God that my father is healthy and helps us in whatever way possible, it was him who arranged 50 thousand rupees from his savings from his pension to get my daughter's surgery done"

Salil recalls it would have been difficult for me arrange money since I barely earn 3000 rupees as an LIC agent, initially I used to work for a chit fund company due to that people don't trust me anymore since they think I may be a fraud.

"Earning money has was not easy and now it has become already difficult for me."

Why should you contribute?

Ananya is a young child, who wishes to make her mark in the world through dancing, however her current condition does not allow her to do so.

Her father and grandfather are trying their best to arrange money for her but cannot collect 8 lakhs for her treatment. Your support will ensure Ananya is saved from this disease and help her get back to focus on her career.

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