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This 6-year-old Cancer Patient Begs His Mother Not To Let Him Die Of Pain

“I feel helpless when he holds his stomach and weeps uncontrollably. Sometimes weakness consumes him so much that he simply places hands on his stomach and squeezes his eyes shut as he has no strength left to cry anymore. He says, 'Amma will I die because of this? Please don't let me die!' My heart breaks whenever I hear him say such things.” said Karthik’s mother Lokapavani.
Two months ago, 6-year-old Karthik happily rode his cycle all day but came back home weak and that was unusual his parents observed as he is a very active kid. When suddenly spiked with high fever, Lokapavani and her husband Ramakrishna rushed him to the hospital and were advised to take him to Vijayawada as it might be a serious condition.

Karthik thinks he has stomach pain but he is fighting for his life with cancer

“We thought it was only a high fever which can be cured in a week. After an expensive test, the doctor told us that he has blood cancer. We panicked and did not know what to do but without a second thought we admitted him in the hospital and started the treatment,” - Lokapavani.
The parents were afraid that their child’s condition might get worse if he knows the truth. It could break his will. So, they convinced him that he needs to be in the hospital to recover from his stomach ache.

This 6-year-old cries inconsolably every day with stomach pain

“My son cries everyday to go home, but how do I tell him that he cannot? Sometimes he exhausts himself from weeping continuously due to stomach pain. The effects of chemo are taking a toll on him. He is increasingly getting scared, and feels extremely depressed."

Karthik needs 8 cycles of chemotherapy in a month but his high fever forces the doctors to pause treatment after a few cycles. In his condition, missing even one cycle of therapy might be fatal to his body. The medicines have caused his body to swell up. People think he is healthy, but really he is inching closer to death. Karthik should continue his treatment for next 2.5 years, without which he may not be able to live long.

“My husband is a daily-wage labour who works at construction sites for Rs 450 a day. With his minimal income we strive to make ends meet. Now the expenses of the hospital and paying the rent of the house has burdened his shoulder. I knocked on every door I know but retuned hopeless.” - Lokapavani.

How You Can Help

These parents have spent around Rs 90,000 after exhausting every resource they had. To date, the expenses of the treatment have been covered under Arogyasree scheme. Now, this family has exhausted the funds, and they do not have any other option. To save Karthik from this deadly disease they need 8 lakhs.

"We got Rs. 1 lakh under Arogyasree, and the hospital foundation granted us another Rs. 50000. That with our own funds helped pay for the bills. Now, his treatment for the next two years, will end up costing us so much money. We cannot even borrow. We have never seen that much money in life."

Lets put a step together to give him a life he deserves. Your contribution can save Karthik.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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