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This Little Girl Needs A Liver Transplant In The Next 48 Hours. Seeking Urgent Help.

Nisha and Binil waited patiently while the doctor examined their 6-year-old daughter. It has been two weeks since they knew she has pneumonia. Her fever didn't come down and she  was suffering. After another day of hospitalisation, the doctor gave them the shocking news. Their daughter Akhina was suffering from a rare liver disease. From that day, began this couple's struggle for arranging money for her liver transplant, the only curative option to save her. With just 48 hours left for her liver transplant, this couple is in need of our urgent help to save their daughter's life.

With An Income Of Just Rs.500, This Family Struggles To Support Akhina

Akhina's father,Binil, is a painter and earns less than Rs.500 a day. There are days when there is no work and he is left without the money for the day. Nisha is a homemaker. With the help of their relatives and friends, Binil collected some funds  but it is nowhere close to what they need to arrange to take their daughter for the transplant.

Just 48 Hours To Save This Little One

6-Year-Old Akhina is undergoing treatment at Aster Medcity Hospital, Kochi. Her mother has come forward to donate a part of her liver to save little Akhina. Her disease is a unique and complex and this is their only chance to save Akhina. The hospital had given them a discount of over 2 lakhs to help the family. But for the remaining funds, Binil and Nisha cannot think of a way. The entire colony where Akhina stays is in prayers to save her. Nisha and Binil are by her side in the hospital.

Akhina and her mother are fit to undergo the surgery. All their efforts will go vain if Akhina's transplant does not happen, risking her life.

How You Can Help

Akhina has just 48 hours left for the transplant. Our contribution will decide her fate, will save a life and will bring hope to a poor family to see their little daughter again. She has gone through a lot of pain and suffering in this small age. We can save her and give her a healthy life.

Your Contributions Are Matched

We have a generous sponsor who will match your donation, so Akhina could get more help in this short time. 100% of your donation will go towards her transplant expenses. We seek your support in this crucial situation.

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