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You Helped Him Pull Through An Accident That Nearly Cost Him His Life, Now You Can Help Others Like Him

On the evening of 23 January 2018, 26-year-old Akbar Ali had enjoyed a typical evening with his family, and stepped out post-dinner to get his motorbike checked. Although a fun-loving person, Akbar had always lived his life with a sense of responsibility. So, his sister and parents had fully expected him to return home by the end of the night. Unfortunately that is not what happened.

They received a dreadful phone call that changed their lives for the worse

The family had just started to wonder what could have kept Akbar so long, when they received a phone call that shocked them. Akbar had met with an accident - a drunk driver had collided into him, while he was on his way back home, at such a speed that Akbar and his bike were sent flying across the road. He was grievously injured. 

When we saw him, he was bleeding everywhere and we were not sure if he would even survive. We shuffled from hospital to hospital, because they kept refusing us admission saying it was too serious a case for them to take up. When we finally found a hospital that would take him in, he had to undergo 5 emergency brain surgeries as well as surgeries for multiple complications; along with nose, neck and stomach procedures. He was battling for his life in the neuro ICU for months!” - Arjuman, sister

He survived a major brain stroke and seizures

Amid his multiple surgeries and treatments, Akbar also suffered from complications so severe that his family feared he wouldn’t survive them. He contracted multiple infections, suffered a brain stroke and also had frequent seizures that would last anywhere between 20 - 60 minutes.
His brain injury was so bad that he had forgotten everything! He needed to re-learn how to go about doing daily activities, including breathing through his nose and swallowing from his mouth, through intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy. For months, he had breathing and feeding support through pipes attached to his trachea and stomach. But slowly and surely, he started showing improvements. He recovered as fast as hitting a new milestone each week, despite some complications that could have posed a setback.” - Arjuman, sister.

He made a miraculous recovery in record time and they thank you for it 

Over the next 1 year, Akbar continued to receive treatments of all sorts to help him stand on his feet again. But his family was struggling to keep up with his medical bills. They had spent everything they had, and had even used up the money they saved up for Akbar’s wedding. Their father sold off his precious collections to pool in money, and also mortgaged their house. Their finances were dipping, but they wanted to save Akbar at any cost.

That is when you heard this family’s cry for help, and came together to help Akbar pull through this devastating accident. Your generous donations helped this family in the most difficult phase of their life. With your support, Akbar beat all odds and made a speedy recovery.

He really fought for his life every single moment in the ICU. Doctors called him a medical miracle, because he was determined to win this battle. All praises to our Lord that my loving brother’s memory of relationships were intact and he was highly motivated to get better. That gave us hope that we would see him smile and talk again soon. Akbar has been through so much. Now, we celebrate every moment with him…” Arjuman 

You showed them the power of giving, now they’ve dedicated their lives to helping others

Akbar and his family are immensely grateful for the love they received from you. Without your kindness and support, he wouldn’t have bounced back and got his life on track again. In 2018, his family didn’t know if he would ever walk again properly - but now he is healthy and thriving, and even tied the knot recently. Today, he and his sister volunteer their time for new brain injury survivors and their caregivers. They help others and are also donating to causes on Milaap as a way of giving back.

“All this was possible with your prayers and contributions. As I have personally experienced the powers of the universe coming together to support my brother in every way possible, I pledge to pray, volunteer and donate more for the rest of my life.” - Arjuman

Accidents can happen anytime and they come without warning. The stark truth is that not everyone is as lucky as Akbar - not everyone’s family is able to arrange enough funds in time for the extensive treatment that follows trauma cases. Patients linger in unbearable pain and suffering for many years, unable to get the medical care they deserve to recuperate properly. Trauma patients often hang between life and death, in a vegetative state, as a result.

This is where you can step in and contribute to Milaap’s Accident Emergency Response Fund, and be a beacon of light for those whose lives were turned upside-down by accidents. Click here to learn more about how you can make a difference.  
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