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My Son Has Waited Enough To Go To School, He Started To Believe That His Life Is Only Of Injections and Dialysis

My husband and I started our life with a lot of dreams. We were living a very happy and modest life. Our biggest joy was when Akash was born. My husband is a teacher. It was natural for us to wish to give him the best education. We were determined to raise him as a happy and successful person.

Akash is now 6 years old. Ideally, he should be getting excited about every new thing around him. I should have spent all my time in telling him stories. Life is not the same to all, while my husband teaches hundreds of children every day, we also painfully witness our own son lying in a room, taking dialysis every day for 16 hours! This has been the routine for the past three years.

What can worse happen to a mother than to see her son crying in pain every day? My son has been suffering from kidney disease since he was 1 year old. He has not seen the world outside. He is given high dosages of medicines, injections and dialysis. Yet, nothing relives his pain.

When he was one-year-old, he got a high fever and within few days, his stomach and forehead were swollen. I was terrified and rushed him to hospital. Tests after tests were taken and it was revealed that he has kidney disease. Honestly, I believed that it can be cured and were religiously following all the instructions doctor told us. Day by day, his health became worse and I was devastated. The heavy dosage of medicines he had taken has led to kidney failure and many infections. He has been taking treatment for various ailments one after the other.

My son asked for a school bag and lunch bag, he keeps it very safe. Every day I tell him very soon he can take his bags and go to school. He was looking forward to that day where he can get ready and go to school. He has waited enough, now he has in fact, stopped asking me. He began to think that this is what life is meant to be.

How much can I endure? These 5 years have been very exhausting. I have been running back and forth to hospitals. I'm willing to take up anything for our son. Every rupee my husband earns is spent for his treatment. We have borrowed from everyone we knew. I can't number how many blood tests and scans we have taken in these years. Each cost around Rs 3-4k. Medicines and dialysis are expensive and we have spent totally 15 lakhs in these years for his treatment. We are neck deep in debts.

I do not worry about the money but what is painful is that despite all the struggle, my son is still in pain fighting for his life. I'm helpless. I try to be strong in his presence but sometimes I break into tears. He trust me, he holds on to me all the time. I should save him.

We have taken him to several hospitals and have tried all that is possible. Doctors have told that only a kidney transplant can save his life. Fortunately, his father was found to be a matching donor. I do not want anything in life but my son to live, he deserves a life. We do not have a single penny left. 

The day my son is completely recovered will be the day we all will start living. Help me save Akash.

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