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Parents Can't Afford To Save This 10-Month-Old Whose Survival Depends On An Urgent Liver Transplant

“We don’t know how to react anymore. What is happening to our baby is unfair and we can’t lose him at any cost.”
10-month-son Aizen is the son of Binoy Issac and Jeni. When he was born, he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a birth defect. To better his condition, a Kasai procedure was performed, but to no avail. Aizen’s condition continued to worsen. His eyes turned yellow, he had difficulty feeding and was in constant pain. Upon running further tests, it was decided that baby Aizen will need a liver transplant. At a tender age of 10 months, he underwent a liver transplant, which also failed. Now he needs another transplant in order to survive. 

Nothing had prepared Issac and Jeni for the fate of their baby

Issac and Jeni were overjoyed at the idea of welcoming a baby into their lives. Nothing had prepared the first time parents for this rude shock. Just when they thought they’ll be starting a new chapter of their life with their bundle of joy, their lives turned upside down. Now all they do is run around hospitals and doctors in a desperate attempt to save their only son. What was ideally supposed to be a collection of sweet moments and memories, turned into a nightmare faster than they could have anticipated. Watching their baby writhe and cry in pain, breaks them every time and they can’t talk about Aizen without choking up.

Multiple rounds of treatment have not been successful in restoring baby Aizen's health 

Aizen’s illness is one of those rare cases when rounds of treatment and care fail to better the patient’s condition. For a 10-month-old to suffer through this pain, is a cruel experience, to say the least. All baby Aizen has known since infancy is, sterile hospitals and doctors and needles sticking into his tiny body. His parents were hoping to see their son recovering after the Kasai procedure, but when that they didn’t happen, they put all their faith in the liver transplant and went forward with the procedure. They had rightly assumed this surgery would give them what they want for their son; a healthy life. Their hopes were shattered when the doctors told them that the surgery had failed due to a clot in his blood vessels. 2 corrective surgeries were also performed post-transplant, but even these surgeries couldn’t alleviate Aizen’s health condition.

“This surgery is all we have to look forward to, but it’s crippling to know that there’s no way we can afford this surgery. The only other alternative is to see our baby suffer and slowly succumb to it and we cannot let that happen.”
Now torn between the last shred of hope and despair at their twisted fate, Issac and Jeni are gearing up for Aizen’s second transplant. All their hopes of seeing their son alive and healthy are anchored to this surgery’s success. But there is one major hindering factor. Issac lacks the resources to provide for his treatment anymore. All his savings were spent towards the surgeries Aizen had to undergo in the past few months. Liver transplants are an expensive affair and Issac’s job doesn’t provide enough to be able to afford such expensive procedures.

Issac works in the Police department, and gets a meager salary of Rs 6000 a month, in hand, after deductions have been made towards the various loans he has taken. Jeni used to work as a lab technician on a contract basis, but owing to Aizen’s illness, she had to resign from her job, to take care of her baby boy. In order to get his son the much-needed treatment, Issac and Jeni have exhausted all their resources and now have no means to provide for the transplant again. Let their bleak financial situation not decide Aizen’s fate. Let’s contribute towards his treatment, so that little Aizen gets a second chance to Live.  

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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