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4-month-old Adriti Is Always In Pain From A Heart Disease And She Needs An Urgent Surgery

4-month-old Adriti is the first child of Manutosh and Pampa Maji. They were extremely happy that their baby was born healthy and like any other parents, they had countless dreams and plans for her future. Unfortunately, now they are in fear of losing their only child. Adriti has been diagnosed with a severe heart disease and she needs to continue treatment to survive.

She had breathing trouble and was rushed to hospital

A month ago, Adriti was diagnosed with a heart disease leaving her parents in utter shock and despair. Adriti was born perfectly healthy and she did not show any visible symptoms of this terrible disease. Even the pregnancy scans confirmed that the baby was healthy. Suddenly, she had some breathing trouble. Petrified, her parents rushed to the hospital and they were immediately referred to a hospital in Bangalore for specialized treatment. There wasn’t enough time and with the limited time given to them, they managed to sell a little piece of land and they had come to Bangalore for the treatment.
“Nobody in my village knows about this medical condition but we are keen to help her. Friends, relatives, and neighbors helped a lot. Without them, I could have never even come here. Some people just gave me money. Some people lent some money. I have to save my baby at any cost" says Manutosh.

She underwent a surgery due to her critical condition, she needs further treatment

Adriti's condition became very critical and due to the urgency of the condition she underwent a surgery. She needs to be in the hospital for further treatment. This little one has spent most of her time in the hospital.Her parents are desperate to take her back home. They have run out of all money they had but they are determined to fight the battle and save the baby.

"I never thought that I had to go through this even in my wildest dreams. I can't imagine that my baby is fighting for her life. I have no strength to go back without her. I don't know what I can do to save her, I feel totally lost" ,says Pampa

Her parents cannot afford the treatment and they have exhausted all their savings

Father has exhausted all the savings and have no source of income

Manutosh works as a laborer on a farm. He usually works on the farm, while his father goes to the market to sell the goods. The work or even the pay is not regular, this being a seasonal occupation. He managed to pay Rs 2 lakh by selling off the little piece of land. Now, he has no source of income.

How can you help

Adriti needs to continue the treatment to recover completely. Manutosh was earning Rs 3000 per month on an average and even if he works the whole year he´ll not be able to afford the treatment. He needs your help to continue the treatment for his baby and save her life.

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