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Taxi Driver Struggles To Save His 1-year-old Daughter From A Fatal Liver Disease

The moment anyone looks at her, they notice her abnormally bloated belly and ask us about it.
1-year-old baby Abhirami was born with a liver condition. Over the past few months, her condition has deteriorated. She has been in immense pain, and now her life is on the line. The doctors say that she needs a liver transplant at the earliest to survive. Her father Anil has done everything he could, but now, he needs help to save her life.

Anil and Arya are struggling to save their baby from liver disease

Baby Abhirami has been very sick in the last one year

As first-time parents, it was a few weeks before Anil and his wife Arya realised that something was wrong with their 1-month old baby. Her eyes were turning yellow and she was running a temperature. At the hospital – they were told that she had been sick for some time and that they should have come earlier.

“We don't have any one to advise us. We didn't even know which hospital to take such a young child. We finally went to Amrita Hospital in Kochi and they told us that we should have come earlier. Added to our pain at seeing our newborn in distress is guilt that we didn't do better for her,” explains Anil. 

Abhirami's stomach is swollen because of her illness - she is otherwise severely underweight

Anil was told that the baby needed a small surgery that would make her better. Abhirami underwent the Kasai procedure even before she finished her third month. The next 4 months she seemed to get better. But then her eyes started turning yellow and she got sick again. Her parents felt a familiar dread.

At the hospital, they were told that Abhirami needed a new liver to live. The procedure was too expensive and since then, Anil has been visiting different hospitals across Kerala, hoping for a different diagnosis. In that time, Abhirami's condition became really serious and there is no more time.

Abhirami's with her mother at the hospital

Abhirami does not have much time left

A few months back, Abhirami became dangerously sick. She had a severe, constant diarrhea. Her worried parents rushed her to the hospital in Kochi. Abhirami never really recovered after that. Only a liver transplant will make her better now.

“She used to cry when she saw needles, now she looks like she has no strength to protest or cry when they pierce her small hands with needles. She has just started speaking her first words – and has learnt to call us. This sweet child has done nothing to suffer so much pain,” says an anguished Anil.  

This life full of pain is the only thing Abhirami has known till now

Anil works as a taxi driver for a small company and his work has suffered since Abhirami became sick. In the last one year alone, he has spent over Rs 16 lakhs on treatment, trying to save his child. Only community support has allowed him to keep this up. His friends have taken mortgages and his employer has even taken a loan for Anil.

But in the biggest emergency, Anil has no resources left. Abhirami needs an urgent liver transplant and he is simply not in a position to arrange for any more money.

How you can help

Abhirami's mother is a suitable match and is ready to give a portion of her own liver to save her. But the transplant costs Rs 12.5 lakhs and there is no time for Anil to arrange that amount. Contribute to help him save Baby Abhirami.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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