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A Rupee saved is a Rupee earned.

Brajabandhu Nayak just got promoted from Class 2 to Class 3 and is waiting for the school to reopen after the summer vacation. He is a student of Bibekananda School in Bhubaneswar. His father runs a small food stall at a guest house in Bhubaneswar and his earnings are very minimal. His mother is a homemaker. He has already purchased new textbooks with the help of an education loan from Milaap. If not for Milaap’s help, his parents would still have been clueless about how to pay his school re-admission fee and purchase his new books. Brajabandhu is already curious about his Class 3 subjects and he occasionally flips through the pages of his new books. In the evenings, he plays football with his friends in the backyard. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up and help people.
When I asked his mother, what would happen if they hadn't t received a loan from Milaap, she replied “We will not pull him out of school, but we would have borrowed the money elsewhere at very high interest rates like we did previously. Towards, the second half of the month, things would get tough for us. However, with help from Milaap we’re able to save significant money on interest. So, these savings will help us breathe easy from the financial difficulties for some time."

Brajabandhu at his home with new text books.