A journey towards unknown | Milaap

A journey towards unknown

With more than 100 unanswered questions, I started my journey towards Bangalore. I was ready to move out yet again after spending 4 months at home. I spent last 4 months contemplating on what to do next. I was at crossroads couple months ago, unable to decide which way to go about my career. Just then Milaap fellowship came as good news. This fellowship was something completely different from anything I have done before. And it happened right on time. I wanted to challenge myself to something new, something unexplored. This fellowship seemed like my chance. And I wanted to grab it. And I did. Training period in Bangalore was fun. I met some amazing minds. They made me realize there is so much more to experience. And so much more traverse. For once I thought it's okay to be lost. Its okay not to know where you gonna go next. I am not alone. Everyone came here with the hope of finding something novel and learn something new about themselves, about the world.

After training, we all left for our locations. I was to work in Belgaum district with MASS (Mahila Abhivrudhi Mattu Samrakshana Samsthe). I was apprehensive of what was coming my way. The beautiful green terrain en route helped me relax a bit. But all my worries vanished as soon as met my field partner in Raibag, where the branch office is located. A heart-warming welcome eliminated all my uncertainties. After a little struggle and few disappointments on accommodation in Raibag, I decided to stay at Ghataprabha, where the main office is located. I consider myself lucky enough to meet some kind people who allowed me to stay at KHI (Karnataka Health Institute) hostel.

This place is usually restricted to outsiders. Only girls working and studying in this institute can stay in the hostel. Once again going back to hostel life reminded me of time I was nervous yet excited about for my post-graduation around 3 years back. I was equally thrilled to set up my room and start working this time too. Things settled one by one. I was falling into a new routine. Just a couple of days in KHI and I already felt attached to this place. The tranquility and the simplicity of this place are winsome. The girls are so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. We always have dinner together and chat while watching TV. Unknowingly, I started looking forward to dinner time and short hurdles.

I never imagined that this foreign place, where I knew no one will feel so homely. I am sure that there is so much more to come. And by the time I leave, I shall have so many stories to tell. 
Well as Sir Richard Burton said, “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks is a departure into unknown land.” 
Rightly so, the journey towards unknown is always alluring. And I look forward to many such.