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This Grandmother has fought all odds for her grandson

Normally, grandparents are remembered and loved for their patience and extra care. This is the story of a grandmother who will not just be remembered by her grandchild but also by everyone who witnessed her love and persistence in her struggle to give her grandson a chance to live.

Her son committed suicide and her daughter-in-law ran away on the day of her son’s funeral. Elavarasi was left with their child - Gopinath, even before she could recover from the grief of losing her son. Things were more challenging for her because Gopi was diagnosed with Thalassemia before he could understand where his parents had gone.

When it happened, Elavarasi prayed to God that nobody be as ill-fated as she, but today she smiles with joy because she overcame her struggles with the help of kind-hearted people in every corner of the world.

Elavarasi with Gopi 

“I could die today and my soul would forever rest in peace knowing that Gopi now has a chance to live,” she says with tears in her eyes.

Gopi who is now 8-years-old needed to take regular blood transfusions for Thalessemia. The doctors recommended a bone-marrow transplant (BMT) before iron from the transfusions built up in his organs. But the BMT needed Rs 25 lakhs. Elavarasi worked as a cook in two houses and her husband worked as a local electrician. They couldn’t even imagine raising such as huge amount, but this was their grandson and they were determined to get him treated and started a crowdfunding campaign.

“The support of doctors and so many contributors came like God’s help to us. We were so helpless at that time; if I could, I’d touch the feet of every one of them who donated and thank them for saving my Gopi’s life,” says Elavarasi.

“Last year around November, Gopi was in the hospital and was unrecognizable. There was no life in his face, except his two eyeballs staring at me. He was in so much pain and was scared to even tell us because it would mean more injections. I’ve prayed to God every single day to make it possible to see my Gopi as a normal child and my prayers have been answered,”says Elavarasi. It would seem that despite all that she has been through, her faith has remained steady.

Gopi is now recovering under medication and his grandparents are taking all precautions to make sure he does not contract infections. Gopi studies from home, runs around, hugs his grandparents and most importantly, says Elavarasi, he no longer says “no” to food.

There is no joy bigger in this world than seeing Gopi play and eat well,” she says as Gopi smiles at her.

I have never heard a more genuine thanks. I was asked to relay this "Thank You" to all the supporters of Milaap and that is what this blog is all about. 

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