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This grandmother needs your help to save her orphaned grandson from a life-threatening disorder

We all tend to take many things in life for granted. For 7 year old Gopinath, these little things are privileges. 

Gopinath lives with his grandmother, Elavarasi in Chennai. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder when he was  just 3 months old. His father  set fire to himself right before his eyes when he was just two,  and his mother abandoned him just two days after. The little one has now been battling Thalassemia for almost all 7 years of his life, with nothing but the love and support of his old grandparents.

Gopi Was A Three Month Old Baby When He was Diagnosed With This Blood Disorder

Gopi was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major when he was just 3 months old. He has been on blood transfusions since then. Now he goes to a Voluntary Health Services centre every 15 days for a transfusion. He takes four tablets a day for his condition. His grandmother. Elavarasi takes special care of the iron levels in his blood as it is crucial. Blood transfusion is a temporary solution to his problem and comes with its own set of side effects when continued for long.

Gopi's Father committed suicide

Gopi was two years old when he lost his father, Suresh Kannaiyan. Suresh used to work at an outlet where he stitched buttons on to clothes. Suresh set fire to himself after an argument with his wifeGopi's mother left him two days after Suresh's death and hasn't been heard of since. Since Gopis's parents had had an inter-religion marriage, it  was tough for Elaravasi to find his mother.

Gopi was referred to Apollo Hospital for better treatment. His doctor recommended a bone marrow transplant that can save him. Doctors have arranged for a matching stem cells unit from a German Registry. The total expenditure of the transplant is 25 lakhs. This is way beyond what his aged granparents can arrange. They desperately need help to arrange this amount.

Elavarasi's determination has kept Gopi alive so far

 Elavarasi's two sons are dead. She does not want to lose Gopi. 

Gopi is the only one who adds meaning to her life.  At this age, Elavarasi works as a cook in two houses in her neighbourhood and earns Rs. 6000 monthly from this. Gopi's grandfather does odd jobs such as painting, cleaning houses, etc. With this income, Elavarasi pays her house rent, Gopi's school fees and manages his treatment expenses.

Your Support Can Save Him.

 Elavarasi, her husband and Gopi have suffered a lot in the past few years. Perhaps, one kind moment for you today could change their life forever.

Funds raised through this campaign will go towards Gopi's bone marrow transplant

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