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Marketing tips to advertise and market your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding can be one of the most lucrative ways to raise funds for your project/cause. 

Crowdfunding has given wings to countless dreams and has made many projects successful. This is why it is also called as the hallmark of fundraising. 
If you have already begun your crowdfunding campaign, chances are that you might be looking for different ways to promote your campaign. After all, a promoted campaign is the first step to achieving success in crowdfunding. 

Mass spamming your campaign across different sites and forums won't do any good. Your cause has to be conveyed in different ways across various platforms as each of them have their own audience. The way everyone consumes content differs. Here's a list of ways you can promote your online fundraiser to reach as many people possible and raise money.

#1 Facebook:

The mothership of social media, it is your best platform to make content go viral. In fact, many big companies and movies, use Facebook as their primary tool for promotion. Share your campaign on your timeline, promote it on groups, or even contact popular Pages in your region like Chennai Memes or Laughing Colours to give your cause more reach. Remember to stay active on the posts, respond to comments, and continue posting so you get the maximum out of this channel.

#2 Twitter
In just 140 characters tell the world what you Twitter is called micro-blogging site for a reason. It allows a user to convey their feelings, via tweeting. It only gives the user 140 characters in each status. This will allow you to create a good promotion which explains everything in just 140 characters. Also, many popular people use Twitter, ranging from celebrities and famous politicians. Twitter allows you to tweet your opinion directly to them. There's a chance that someone might like and retweet the cause among their followers. So, Twitter must not be neglected.

3) Google+:
 One might neglect Google+ because most of us don't use this regularly. But, Google+ has got a lot of potentials. Google+ has got over 350 million monthly active users worldwide. This makes it the second best site after Facebook. Google plus has forums, in which one can promote their cause. Choose appropriate communities like "Best Crowdfunding Community" on G+ and promote according to the rules.

4) Pinterest: 
Pinterest is gaining popularity nowadays. It allows users to pin interesting things on the site. There are certain users who only use Pinterest. This is why one must not neglect it.

5) Instagram: 
Instagram is one of the best social networking sites. It allows users to convey their feelings with the help of pictures and stories. Many businesses are now using Instagram as a means to promote their business. The conversion rate for a campaign which is promoted on Instagram is way too high. This means, more people are likely to go through your cause and make a contribution towards it. 

6) Kickstarter Forum:
Kickstarter forum is mainly for the creative people. It is a forum specially crafted for Kickstarter projects. One can signup and view others projects and share their opinion, likewise, one can also advertise their project. It is a community backed by a group of fundraising evangelists who can also guide you with your campaign strategies.

7) Approaching Bloggers and Media: 
Bloggers and media personnel will be more than interested to know about your cause and publish it on their site. It can be done at very minimal costs. And has the potential to reach an audience which you might never be capable of reaching. 

8) LinkedIn: 
LinkedIn is the social network for professional people. People who create an account in LinkedIn are the ones who are serious about their jobs and career. In a LinkedIn group, instead of directly posting a link to your fundraising campaign, you can post an article related to it. As mentioned in the 7th method, one can approach bloggers and media personnel to write an article about your campaign. You can share that article and it'll lead to a better understanding of your campaign.

Reddit is the place where anything can go viral. It is a forum where things start going viral before Facebook. Under Reddit, you can choose a subreddit related to Kickstarter projects. and promote your cause there.

10) Whatsapp:
Are you among the people who have many WhatsApp groups? Or are you having many WhatsApp contacts?
Well, one can text each contact individually rather than broadcasting your message. As discussed earlier, each person needs to be explained in a specific way. It is a tedious task, but among 500 contacts, if 100 people chose to share it with their circles, It is a fabulous reach. 

11) A good crowdfunding platform:
It is important to choose a good crowdfunding platform which can promote your cause well. Crowdfunding sites like Milaap have raised more than 170 crore rupees and are known as the #1 crowdfunding site in India. One can start their campaign from a site like Milaap, which can cater all the crowdfunding needs. One can also advertise the same cause and started campaigns on two different sites simultaneously.

12) Offline: 
After all the promotions raised online, offline campaigning still holds value. One can approach their friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Final word:
All these methods can guarantee success if done in the right manner. Anyone can get started a crowdfunding campaign, log on to a good crowdfunding site like Milaap and begin your journey of fundraising.