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7 Things - Know Your Villager

Usage of Listicles is probably one of the biggest internet phenomena. Listicles could be irking in a way that not many succeed in conveying quality information. At the end of reading most of them, you are left with knowledge of a lot of obvious facts and flashes of not-so-relevant GIF images. Nonetheless, I think that in an age when everyone wants to juggle between tasks faster and have very less time to spare, a listicle is the most efficient way of putting out your thoughts. It’s exactly similar to how the news headlines spare us from having to sit through a boring narration of events and facts.

Drifting back to my subject of discussion, I would like to bore you with: the 7 things that you are likely to encounter, when you have a chance to interact with rural people. After a few visits to villages and close interaction with many rurals, I deem myself qualified enough to discuss this. Following are my observations based on my personal experiences.

  1. They are extremely nice to you- to an extent that you start to doubt if there is an ulterior motive.They will be very delighted to receive you (sometimes, more than your family or closest circle of friends).  They hurriedly run around to grab a chair or a mat, offer you something to drink, and make you feel really important. They feel it’s their duty to engage you in conversations. While you are left there feeling flattered, you will wonder about what you can do to return their favor
  1. They have a beautiful way of decorating their houses.Small and cramped spaces would invite to mind ideas of shabby and disorganized living, and most of us are deluded into believing that these people can’t make their houses look pretty. But then, you will see finely painted bright colored walls, photo frames, self-made curtains perfectly sized to cover the windows, hand-made door mats, shining utensils arranged on beautiful wooden cabinets, and they change your idea of a beautiful home.
  1. In their ignorance lies their bliss.We are so pre-occupied with thoughts all the time that we wear our brains out, causing unnecessary stress. They tend not to overwhelm their brains with junk. They know very less, and they worry very less.
  1. They will feel responsible for you.They will be genuinely concerned, when you tell them that you stay alone away from home; they feel necessary to know if you are in a safe neighborhood, if you get to eat nice food or even if you close your doors well before sleeping.  Sometimes they even pack you some food to take home.
  1. They are heartily present, wherever they are.These are the nicest people to have conversations with. They do not need to know the person to have a heartful conversation with him/her. They will just need your little attention, and they can make you feel like you know them from a very long time.
  1. They will not let you step out of their house without feeding you anything.And while you can think you can get away with not accepting anything, you will find yourself yielding to their repeated, almost insistent, requests. It doesn’t matter how strongly you decide against saturating your stomach; you will eventually find yourself sipping that cup of tea that you were trying to avoid.
  1.   They have very few complaints and they accept life as they get itThey are happy if they can feed themselves for the day, and save some for future. That is all they worry about. Their needs are minimal. They don’t predict, analyze, calculate; they just LIVE.


Such is the beauty of villagers. They give more than required, yet don’t ask for more. They are the ones who probably have understood life better than us.  They deserve all the support we provide them, and even more so.

I am sure that money spent on lending them would bring you more joy than that spent on a lavish lunch or on an overpriced pair of stilettos. Access to your joy