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6 (not so) ordinary stories in 6 months...

July was my ally: When I started going to the field, I knew this is what I am passionate about. Being in the field is the only thing I am confident of. I just dwell on their everydayness and I become part of the present. I met Amina in one of my bus rides to the office and we just headed off well. She shared her worrisome tales of being a mother. I knew that we were not going to meet again but the instant conformability we shared was inexpressible.

August went in a rush: Whom was I going to depend on all the work in progress. My mind was everywhere and I was trying my part to understand the culture of business among the rural women here. I was speaking to everyone I could meet and listening to their stories. I simply just listened. However, Chaobi made a difference with her straightforwardness. She noticed that I was listening keenly and she advised me that it is okay to miss out things. I guess, it is!

September might never ever: What I understood of lost was meaningless till now. Now, I know how it feels to lose someone entirely, it is painful in every essence. It turned my world up-side-down and made me mature in many ways. I met Ibemhal who was visiting her relatives to convey her regards for their loss. I could relate to her loss in a truthful manner that I might have never ever felt before.

October just went by: Who was going to tell me that time will fly by and I would not have anything left in my hand. Well, this month was all about finding solace. Sanahal and I spoke over a length. His definition of his work made me realize the emptiness inside. He told me that he has been driving for decades and now even though he wants to leave driving he is too scared to leave it. Well, I guess we often find solace in the distress.  

November was to remember:  Where was I going to store the amazing memories that I have collected in these 6 months. I experienced, witnessed, perceived and shared moments with interesting people of different shades. I revisited my childhood days with Bijaya’s children. I cannot remember the last time I played on the field, but her children made me relive my childhood days, literally. Bijaya and I expressed our pity towards the children of the present generation, how they are missing out on their childhood in front of cell phones.

December is to decide: Why does very beginning has an end, it scares me. This last month of the fellowship is leading towards an end. However, I am heading towards a new beginning. I am scared but excited at the same time. Whilst entering into Momota’s tea-hotel gave me similar mixed feelings. I was excited to speak to her but a sudden realization of someone else’s presence by the far-east-corner of the room made me uncomfortable. She unlocked her tea-hotel in front of me and I was not expecting anyone to be inside a locked tea-hotel. She didn’t initiate to introduce us and I sensed her distractions throughout our conversation. It is mysteriously amazing how unspoken expressions can tell you more than words can ever do.