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5 Reasons to Choose Milaap for Your Campaign

With many NGOs, associations both public and private in place, why should you choose Milaap to connect with the world and start your campaign? Well, there are many reasons but we here list a few to tell you why Milaap is the most trusted choice.

  • From personal to social causes, Milaap takes up every crowdfunding project and makes sure that it reaches out to the world. 
  • With a dedicated team that is ready to help you and stands with you on every step, we make sure that from the content curation to the collection of funds- they guide you on every stage to improve your campaign.
  • At Milaap, we understand how important the funds are. Be it the ease of access to this payment or liquidity, we take care of everything.
  • With a facility for donors to pick up cheques and no time limit on the campaign, a beneficiary can withdraw funds whenever required.
  • While you trust us with your campaign, we work hard to assure that your case is safe with us. Milaap is a community of people who believe in the greater good of helping one another. As a result, our users watch for and flag posts they believe to be questionable. We on our end have several safeguards in place to verify the legitimacy of each fundraiser.