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13-Year-Old Girl Who Escaped Death, Cannot Fight Her Tumor
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“The doctor told me that there is no hope, there is no way my daughter will survive. She has been through twice as much as what any human can endure and still hasn’t given up yet, even though her brain tumor was in its final stage. Her head is black and too weak to even speak. I know that she’ll get better with treatment and after all this, if she hasn’t lost hope, as her mother, how can I give up?” – Basanti, Susmita’s mother.

Susmita and Basanti, at the hospital 

13-year-old Susmita's diagnosis of brain tumor came as a shock to everyone

Around November 2017, Susmita, who is a talkative, lively, dance-loving eight grader, suddenly couldn’t walk normally without support at all. Like a chain reaction, she couldn’t grip anything with her left hand too.

“She didn’t want to go to a doctor because she had exams and wanted to study. But soon, she wouldn’t stop vomiting. She just wouldn’t eat anything. If she would pick up a glass to drink water, the glass would slip out of her hand and fall. After an MRI, the doctor told us that she had a serious brain tumor. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. “ – Basanti.

Susmita, appearing terribly weak with black markings on her hand

Susmita’s brain tumor grew so rapidly and is in its most critical phase

The 13-year-old was diagnosed with thalamic glioma which is a deadly tumor deep inside the brain. Her tumor has grown so rapidly that it’s already become a grade 4 tumor which is its final stage. Susmita is so weak and her condition is so critical that even a brain surgery cannot save her because her tumor is impossible to reach.

This is how Susmita looked just around a year ago

She has fallen unconscious twice in the hospital. Once, we were just walking back from the bathroom and she just collapsed. As an immediate measure, they started radiotherapy on her which is so brutal. After, 10 cycles or so, any human is completely exhausted but Susmita has already been through twice as many cycles. Her forehead and parts of her arms are turning black.” – Susmita.

Susmita survived against all hope and is still fighting hard

Despite undergoing countless cycles of radiotherapy, several tests and ingesting dozens of medicines every day, Susmita is still fighting for survival but can’t do it without additional treatment and help.

After many cycles of radiotherapy, for 2 days, she just wouldn’t open her eyes. She wouldn’t move even if we called her and she didn’t eat anything. She was taken to the ICU and the doctor said that there was no hope. She fought for 15 days and she came back from the jaws of death! Nowadays, she is so weak but just about manages to talk to me. Her tumor has decreased a bit but she’s still so critical. God knows how much more she has to suffer.” – Basanti.

Susmita cannot survive without further treatment but her parents have sold everything they have

The 13-year-old’s only hope of survival lies in getting additional radiotherapy and treatment. Her tumor is so deadly that it can take her life soon if left untreated and she’s already so weak and critical.

Susmita has to take 6 injections per day in addition to so many medicines. When she was in the ICU, the bill would be around Rs. 15,000 every single day. Last Friday, there was some fluid leakage from her head and she had to be operated on once again. We’ve literally sold everything we had. We sold a piece of land we owned and all my jewelry too. I don’t know what we’re going to do next but I just can’t give up on my daughter.” – Basanti.

How you can help

After borrowing from their friends and relatives and despite having two other kids to feed, Basanti and her husband, Arindam, have spent around Rs. 5 lakhs for Susmita’s treatments until now. The 13-year-old can’t survive long without further treatment and has fought so hard despite the odds. Basanti, who is in desperate need of Rs. 2 lakhs, cannot save her daughter without your help.

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