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Without A Transplant, This Baby Girl Won't Make It To Her 1st Birthday
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Shridhar, a daily wage farmer, has barely had a few hours of sleep in the last two months. He spends his nights pacifying baby Yuktha who’s diagnosed with an extremely rare and severe disease that makes her dangerously sick every two days. The smile that once brightened up his day has been replaced with painful cries of help. Between work, taking care of his baby girl who’s in the hospital, and his comatose father, Shridhar is exhausted and helpless. But he wakes up every day with only one intent – to find a way to save his only child from this fatal disease that can kill her before her first birthday.

Baby Yuktha's disease affects only one in a million, she risks life-threatening infections every day

Baby Yuktha has Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type 1, a disease which causes the immune system to malfunction, making her extremely susceptible to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. The disease is extremely rare and occurs one per million people worldwide. Now, even a small infection can be fatal for the little one who suffers from a fever every other day. Her pain and suffering seem never-ending to her terrified parents.

“She was 3 months old when she first fell sick, and ever since then, it’s only gotten worse. There have been days when my wife and I have forgotten to eat because all we worry about is if our baby is in pain. Every week we rush her to the hospital, and the moment we put her on the bed, she starts wailing. She’s scared, and we can’t do anything but watch her go through this.” - Shridhar.

Shridhar was helpless when his father had a stroke, now he’s determined to do everything to save his only child

Shridhar and Suma live with Shridhar’s parents in their small home in a village near Tumkur, Karnataka. They were living a seemingly normal life until their daughter’s diagnosis. Unfortunately, Shridhar received another jolt when his father had a severe stroke twenty days ago. He slipped into a coma and Shridhar struggled to keep him in the hospital. He was forced to discharge him. Wracked with sadness and guilt of not being able to afford better treatment for his father, Shridhar is now determined to do everything to save his daughter. 

"There's nothing more I can do to save my father, but there's hope for our daughter. She can be saved and become normal like all other children if we can afford a bone marrow transplant, but now I'm running out of time and money."

With only 10 days left for a life-saving transplant, her parents are struggling to get her treated in time

Our baby just has ten days or so left to get a bone marrow transplant. Without this, there’s no telling how long she’ll live for. When she was born, it felt like all our dreams came true. We never imagine that our happiness would be so shortlived.”

Shridhar has borrowed heavily from relatives and money lenders for Yuktha’s tests and treatment so far. He had also borrowed money for his father's treatment and is now struggling to pay it all back. All his savings are now over, and with his income of 150 Rs per day as a daily wage farmer, he has no way to save his daughter from this severe disease.

How You Can Help

Baby Yuktha is only 10-months-old and all she’s known is pain. The severe immune-deficiency disease she’s been living with will kill her without an urgent bone marrow transplant. Shridhar and Suma are struggling – they have just 10 days to save their only child. Baby Yuktha can have a chance of a healthy, happy future with your support. Her helpless parents can’t save her on their own.

Your support will save baby Yuktha’s life.  

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