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This Boy's Only Hope At Fighting The Blood Disease Is A Transplant
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    child of Bhagatsingh Rajput

    from Mumbai, Maharashtra

“What kind of memories will he have of his childhood?” - Sheela, mother.

Sheela is worried that her 4-year-old son will only have painful memories of his childhood. He will only remember the injections, the medicines or maybe he will not live longer to remember anything! 

Vivek was 6 months old when he was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. His body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells. The only cure for his condition is a bone marrow transplant.

“He used to get fever, we thought it was because of the weather. But when the doctor told us about this disease, we looked at our son unable to accept the truth. We could not help but cry. But my son is too small to understand why his parents were crying,” - Sheela, mother.

He is bound by the four walls of his home, he can't go to school...

Vivek is very prone to infections. His parents have to be very careful - they can’t let him play with other kids because he even a simple cut can turn into something fatal. They are scared to even admit him to a school.

“He wants to play outside all the time and is stubborn about it. However, we can’t let him go because he would be tired after playing and fall ill again. I understand this saddens him but it is necessary.”

He cries at the sight of medicines

Since the time he was 6 months old, Vivek has been on medication. Now, he is scared of hospital and medicines.

“He couldn’t eat food normally while he was ill but had to take medicine regularly. He is fed up of them."

I’ve spent all I could…I have no money to save him.

"I earn 5000-6000 per month for a family of 5. I’ve spent all the savings I had. I don't know how I can afford my son's treatment...", - Bhagat Singh, father. 

Bhagat Singh, Vivek’s father, is a farmer. He has done the best he could but a greater amount is required for Vivek’s treatment which is beyond his means. Moreover, the frequent trips to hospitals and medication has cost him much already.

Vivek yearns to enjoy his childhood. Your contribution can make that happen.

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