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Their Son Is Fighting For His Life In The ICU, They Need Help
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    from Hyderabad, Telangana

“Chinnu is super active, he runs around the house with his little feet and talks endlessly. It is so hard to believe that he is lying on a hospital bed now. Just a week ago he was sleeping with his head on my lap and telling me rhymes, it all happened so fast and so unexpectedly. My son he...he is so critical.”- Kavitha, mother

2 weeks ago Krithik had high fever. After a few tests, the parents were relieved that it was not dengue but soon they saw their son gasping for breath in the middle of the night and it was terrifying. In no time Krithik was admitted in the hospital was diagnosed with severe lung infection.

“He is on ventilator , surviving with the help of tubes and machines. My child is just 2 and is going through so much! I wish I could take away all his pain, I wish all of this never ever happened. Why are we getting punished like this? He is just a baby.”- Kavitha

Not even a week has passed and we've already spent 9 lakhs for the treatment

“My child is very critical and needs intensive care. He is undergoing ECMO and it is costing us so much, I cannot keep up with the cost anymore. I tried selling the land that I have but looking at our emergency, everyone is offering such a low price. I borrowed from my friends too but it won’t be enough to save my son.” - Samanth, father
ECMO is a treatment that uses a pump to circulate blood through an artificial lung back into the bloodstream of a very ill baby.

We tried everything to make him respond but nothing is working

“We talk to him, call out to him. It has been so many days and we have tried everything but he hasn’t spoken or even shown any movement in his body as a sign, that he can hear us. We even tried telling him that we are leaving  but he…” - Samanth
The parents are devastated and are feeling helpless, unable to save their little child. They are begging everyone they know but it seems impossible for them to gather a sum of 20 lakhs which includes PICU stay, ECMO, medicine cost and ward stay.

My son is a fighter, I know he can make it

Whenever he used to get hurt, he never cried much. He ignored and kept playing. He is stubborn and I know he will survive all of this. It is me who is failing. I am unable to protect him.”- Samanth

Your contribution can help this 2 year old. You can save him.

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