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Help Farmer Who Has Run Out Of Funds To Even Feed 1-year-old
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    Eshan Mondal

    from Bangalore, Karnataka

"It has been more than a month since we left our village and came here. My wife stays with my son in the cancer ward and I sleep outside the hospital gate. I managed all these days with the money I borrowed from my villagers, now I don't have any money left even to feed my son. I don't know how I can continue the treatment." - Chittaranjan, Father.

"It was hard to believe that a 1-year-old baby can get cancer"

When Eshan was born, Chittaranjan and Priyanka couldn't have been happier and they cried happy tears for having a healthy baby. 2 months ago, he got a high fever and white patches all over his hands and legs. They took him to a local clinic in their village in West Bengal. Doctors said that he has blood cancer and it affects his white blood cells. 

"We were shocked beyond words, I thought cancer attacks only old people. One of our neighbors took treatment for cancer in Bangalore and he got well so we immediately took him there. We had only one thing in mind, to somehow save his life before it becomes worse." - Priyanka.

His little body is not able to bear the intense chemo cycles

Eshan has completed 10 rounds of chemo and he needs more cycles to recover completely.
He winces in pain whenever he is poked with needles to find a vein to draw blood. He hardly eats and has become extremely weak. He is too small to even express his pain. His parents are helpless and all their efforts to comfort him go in vain.

"He needs a chemo port to draw blood and give chemo medicines but I don't have money for that, without that a new needle will be placed every time and he is too small to bear it. He begins to cry as soon as he hears the footsteps of anyone. I don't know why God chose him for this cruelty, I can't bear to see.- Chittaranjan.

"Without your help, I'll be forced to stop the treatment"

Chittaranjan is a farmer, he harvests rice and the meager money he earns through it is enough only for his food. A bad harvest and poor rainfall meant having absolutely no money for 6 months at least. When he left to Bangalore, he managed to borrow Rs 1 lakh from his friends and neighbors in the village. He has exhausted all the money and now struggling for the next meal. He needs 6 lakh for the treatment and without your help, he cannot afford it.

"Everyone in my village helped me whatever they could do, I cannot ask them anymore.  My wife is crying day and night and begging me to do something to save him. I don't know what I can do in this strange city." - Chittaranjan.

1-year-old is battling cancer and his poor parents do not have money even for the next meal, let alone the treatment. Your timely help can save his life.

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