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Enterprise Development

Funding micro and small businesses with access to markets

Funding micro and small businesses

Imagine an India where over 423 million people of working age are unemployed

Small businesses are the engines of job growth in any developing economy. There are 26 million small enterprises in India, employing over 60 million. Yet only about 5% of these enterprises have access to the capital they require.

Milaap works with a number of social businesses, NGOs and supply chain networks to fund micro-entrepreneurs engaged in food processing, manufacturing, artisan and handmade products, community products and services (water, toilets, etc.) that not only increases the entrepreneur’s income but also enables job creation and access to essential services. We believe that every loan we fund will, on an average, generate 5 new jobs and improve incomes by 15%-25% annually.

The long term impact of Enterprise Development

End to End Support

End to End Support

Market Linkages create safety nets for the entrepreneur

Family Sustanence

Family Sustanence

More income creates affordability of basic needs

Contribute to Society

Contribute to Society

Grassroot entrepreneurship creates jobs in local communities.

Stories of Change

How do you explain when people achieve what is apparently out of their range? Meet Sridevi, a woman entrepreneur who has succeeded against all odds. Sridevi took a loan from Milaap to expand her business. She has now employed over 60 people.