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Women helping women!

We notice that Indian woman majorly need support when they dream to start their own enterprise or want to undergo a training program to become independent. Most of the women in rural India lack confidence to ask their husbands or go to a bank for initial capital. For such women, all they need is a little help and they are good to go. 

Meet Geetha Jegan, CEO of Gramalaya Microfin Foundation (GMF) 
a non-profit based in Tamil Nadu. She realized she needed to do her part in empowering women. For those of you who are unaware, GMF is one of our field partners who we raise funds for in support of women entrepreneurship and skill development in India. 

Geetha's dream is to support entrepreneurship for those women who stay off the grid and help them to provide income to support their family. She adds saying, "
 Women possess a lot of capacity, but we don’t fully utilize it.  If we create and support women empowerment I believe this can be the key to the development of our country.  By supporting women, the entire family will benefit and we build their confidence to tackle gender discrimination."

Our folks at
Social Story spoke to Geetha about her organization and the impact that's being created by the funds being generated through us. Read the complete article here and see how little effort it takes to empower a woman! :) 

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