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Where are we heading?

[caption id="attachment_7331" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Trimandir, Adalaj Gujarat Trimandir, Adalaj Gujarat[/caption]“Oh this is a huge open space”, I said to myself when I entered Trimandir, (Gujarat). I observed each and everything carefully because this is my home for the next 6 months. The place has good infrastructure, proper road, huge ground, school, hospital…. but there was something missing and that was public transport.When I was offered an apartment in this place I asked myself “Will this be safe? What about food? There are no markets in this area, except for some apartments, Temple and office building, I don’t see anything else!” To my surprise Harishbhai (Prayas official) poked my bubble of doubts. He said “Trimadir is a religious place and everybody in this place is a follower of Dada Bhagwan. You don’t really have to worry about anything, if you wish to have food there is a hall near the temple that serves food and you may ask for lift in case you don’t feel like walking”.The next day I was heading towards the office and suddenly “Tamre jau che” (do you want to go) said a woman who had covered her head with a stole and she stared right back for a quick answer. I said "no thank you" politely.  The woman looked at me and zoomed off. I come from Delhi, a place where people don’t prefer taking lifts until and unless it is necessary. Here in Trimadir, Adalaj (Gujarat) people offer lift to anyone who is walking by (even if a person is enjoying an evening walk).After a week I realised almost everyone in this place owned a four wheeler or a two wheeler and it would be very rare that people would take a walk or a ride a cycle in any weather condition though it is hot. I also observed that children between the ages of 11 to 16 are driving two wheeler without helmet. I thought if this place is religious and most of the people in the residential area prefer wearing white cloths instead of coloured, then people should stay away from materialistic needs... after all austerity could save our environment! I searched some old pictures of this place on Google and realised Adalaj had a good green belt which has been reduced to buildings. I don’t mind people constructing building, roads because that's the need of growing population but when ever a tree gets cut, it is our responsibility to compensate our environment.The weather in the evening is windy and peaceful, while coming back from the temple with Mr Harish and his kids we saw an old man walking on the footpath.  Like a gentleman Harish sir offered a ride, to which the old man refused.  His youngest son Ashu (4 year old) sitting next to me said “Papa kabhi inssan ko chalna bhi accha lagta hai” ( dad some times people like walking too) to which  Mr Harish said “mera toh farz hai puchna beta” (its my duty to ask, son). There are very few people who opt for healthy lifestyle and if we involve the younger generation into this issue, we might be able to tackle the environmental problems and not just limit it to our children's text books.