I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my fellowship programme. In Guwahati, I feel like a tourist soaking in the wonders the city has to offer. The fellowship has also gotten off to a great start. My first day at YVU Microfin began with a warm welcome by the Branch Manager, Aruna. She greeted me with a bright smile and gave me tea and omelette. She explained that this was 'Assam-special'.

But the best part of my work has to be the field visits. I never imagined I would meet this many people on every single field visit. The borrowers are all kind and generous women who take precious time off just to come and meet the person who has been a part of enabling their loan. Talking to them was very uncomplicated and natural, that is how affectionate they are. Their eagerness to share their story with me, their passion for work and the trust in their abilities showed me great amount of self assurance in a place I hadn't expected to see it.

At Maligaon‘At – work’ in the office, the environment far from monotonous or humourless. I am seeing first-hand how much better work becomes when workmates are cordial and helpful. My co-workers keep the atmosphere light and jovial making it a better place to work, which is inspiring and pleasant at the same time. There is enough freedom for all of us to learn more and grow into our roles.

With Aruna and GitaGulping Paranthas!In just one month I feel like I have been accepted as a member of the team. We are more like a small family working hard out here in order to reach out to our specific goals and serve as many as beneficiaries as we can. Thanks to the Milaap Fellowship, I can not only spend the next six month effecting real change on ground but also make close lasting bonds with some really wonderful people.