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Diagnosed with Cancer, his first thought was – What will my 3-year-old do?

Vikas (41) has been taking treatment for blood cancer for the last two years. The doctors say that now he needs a bone-marrow transplant to make it. Vikas – has not worked in the last two years. The family consisting of his wife, daughter and mother can barely make ends meet. They need help saving Vikas.

Vikas known for his generosity and kindness by all

Vikas lost his father when he was only 6. His friends feel that event left a lasting impression on Vikas. It helps him never lose track of what is important. Whether it be financial helps, or emotional support – he always came through for his friends and family. 

Vikas finally felt a sense of belonging with his own family

“Vikas used to take tuitions for children in school to make some extra money for home. But nobody who asked him a doubt was turned away. He had a joke and a kind heart for everyone he met,” says Puneet, his school friend. 

That is how he is even now, according to Puneet. “Classmates from as early as class 5 come to meet him and financially help them out. It is not much, but helps the family take care of daily necessities,” he says. Vikas's wife Mamta has joined a call centre to run the house. All their savings (close to 30 lakhs) have been spent on Vikas's treatment already.

Vikas' 3-year-old daughter prays daily so her father gets better

Vikas's daughter Laranya seems to have inherited her father's sensitive, kind nature. At just 3, she seems aware of the grave nature of her father's sickness. Little Laranya knows what medicine her father has to take and when. She reads the Hanuman Chalisa for her father's recovery. 

“She is very attached to her father. He is the indulgent, soft-spoken one. I am the one who makes sure she behaves,” comments Mamta, Vikas' wife. Despite being just as scared for Vikas she is the one who needs to be strong for everyone in the family – doing what needs to be done. 

Mamta goes to work and takes care of her husband, daughter and mother-in-law. In the last few days, she has recieved a lot of help and support from Vikas' friends. “I have heard so many new stories about him in the last one month. These conversations is having a positive effect on Vikas,” she says. From wanting to give up because he was being a burden, Vikas is now ready to get a bone-marrow transplant and beat cancer.

Laranya has just joined school and started reading

With your help, Vikas can beat cancer

Vikas lost his father very early on and only with a lot of hard work managed to create financial stability for himself and his family. After two years of being sick and not working, hehas no resources left. As it is, the family has spent close to Rs 30 lakhs on his treatment. Raising that much money again is not possible for the family. 

You can help this family recover from this very difficult time. They need your help saving Vikas. Contribute now towards Vikas' BMT. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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