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Help This 18-year-old Who Met With A Life-Threatening Accident While Saving A Dog

To avoid hitting a dog on the road, Venkateshwarlu swerved his bike, slipped and hit his head. Since his accident on December 17, Venkateshwarlu hasn't said a word to his worried family. He regained consciousness only this week. His family has borrowed heavily to get him treatment till now, but he needs an urgent surgery on the head to be out of danger.

Venkateshwarlu's parents are worried sick for their son

Venkateshwarlu's father has become a bonded labourer trying to save him

Few things bring as much pain and misfortune as an accident. Treatment for accidents is almost always exorbitant and long-term. In a bid to save Venkateshwarlu, his father Mallikarjun began taking loans that he knew he could not repay. A migrant agriculture worker, he went to all the farms he worked on and pledged to work for free for years in exchange for a loan.

Venkateshwarlu (far right) with relatives before his accident

“He is our son, and our hope for the future. When we heard he had an accident, his mother took to the bed with sorrow. All our happiness is in him living a happy life. I went to all the people who hired me, begging for help saving my son,” Mallikarjun says.

Mallikarjun, his wife, and Venkateshwarlu all are daily-wage workers who travel to different farms daily to earn the days' income. They make barely enough to get by. Only if it rains in their region do they have enough work to save some for an emergency. 

Now, the parents are facing the biggest emergency of all – saving their son from a terrible head injury. They have exhausted all their resources and promised everything – including their own livelihood to get the money to keep treatment going. 

Venkateshwarlu needs treatment to recover from his severe head and spinal injuries

Venkateshwarlu's parents made sure that their son didn't loiter or get in the company of unemployed youth. He started working in the fields after school. Mallikarjun didn't have the means to educate him but hoped his son would work hard and live a decent life with dignity. 

Mallikarjun and Malleshwari are praying for Venkatesh's recovery

That future may be taken from Venkateshwarlu. “He is a good boy. He went to work when there was work. Stayed home and looked after things when there wasn't. His parents feel unlucky. There is a danger of him becoming paralysed without treatment. They wonder if he would have a better life if he was born in another family,” says Sekhar, Mallikarjun's brother.

After the accident, his parents rushed him to the biggest hospital in Nellore, the town closest to their village. The doctors performed first aid and told them that Venkateshwarlu couldn't be saved. Not willing to give up, Mallikarjun brought him to Chennai. His courage and faith paid off and Venkateshwarlu regained consciousness two days back.

Venkateshwarlu had an immediate surgery to check the damage and needs to remain in the ICU for weeks till his situation gets better. His parents managed to pay for the operation, but are struggling to continue to pay the bills. They have exhausted all their means. 

How you can help

Mallikarjun has remained strong in the face of so much difficulty and managed to pay for treatment over Rs 10 lakhs. He needs about that much more to ensure Venkateshwarlu comes out of this ordeal whole and healthy. His poverty should not come in the way of saving his child.

Your contribution will help him save his son.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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