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This 10-year-old With Dengue Needs Help To Recover From Kidney Failure In The ICU

10-year-old Vasudev rarely fell sick in all his life. 1 month ago, he came down with a high fever. The parents were not worried. They assumed rest and prescription medicines can get him back in school soon. Unfortunately, it turned out to be dengue. Within days, Vasudev's condition deteriorated and he is now in the ICU suffering from multiorgan failure. With your help, he can get the time and treatment necessary to recover.

In a day, dengue put my son in the ICU

Naresh and Neetu have two children. Naresh works as a janitor in a jewellery store while Neetu takes on odd jobs to make extra money for the household. These parents do everything possible to send Vasudev and his sister to school. Now, they are struggling to keep one of them alive.

"Last month, he told me he felt very sick. He wanted a day off. I took him to the doctor for the fever. Everything was alright. Suddenly he started vomiting. A blood test showed normal platelet count, but he had dengue. The vomiting caused his BP to drop. Within a day, things got worse. His platelet count came to 10,000. We had to admit him to the hospital."

I did not know if my son will come back home alive

Neetu did not have minutes nor hours to grasp what was happening. Vasudev went from vomiting continuously to a coma. For 9-10 days he was unconscious. His organs began to shut down. He needed ventilator support.

"His kidneys began to fail. We had to start dialysis. It was so scary to see our son lying like that. We did not know if he will come home alive. The worst thought was that I could not remember what we spoke last."

How can you help?

Vasudev needs to be on the ventilator until he is free of dengue, and his system recovers. It will take some time, but with care, he will come home. Unfortunately, on Rs. 7000/month income, the parents cannot afford Rs. 5 L for the treatment. They cannot stop now and let fate take its course. Vasudev is just 10 years old. He has a long life ahead. His body can fight this disease, and he just needs faith, time, and treatment.

Your contribution can help Vasudev get the treatment he deserves and return home to his family.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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