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Flag a Ride with Uday Bhai and Pay Forward Your Fare

“Today Jayesh bhai asked me to drive my Rickshaw as I regularly do with passengers but he asked not to ask for money according to meter but ask passengers to give whatever money they want to give happily. He also asked me to start my Rickshaw by remembering the name of Ishvar Dada and Vasudaa Ben who would bless me. He also gave me a note of Rs.5 which I laminated. Starting from Ranip, a passenger got in from Ramapir tekri and dropped him to Vadaj. He sat in my Rickshaw by telling me that he would give me Rs 3 but when I told him about gift economy, he gave me Rs 5 instead.”

This is the story of Ahmedabad no Rickshawalo and gift economy that was born in Ahmedabad thanks to a humane initiative by Jayesh and Uday. If you happen to be Uday’s client, it is likely that he will present you with a smile badge, a pay-from-your-heart card, a ride that is equipped with water bottles & snacks, books, music and a dustbin to throw out the trash. It would not be so hard to recognize this Gandhian, who has devoted his life to spreading joy, as Uday sports Gandhi topi, and drives around in an unusual auto all around Sabramati.

Pay it forward, pay for someone else’s ride

It is quite straightforward. The person who boarded this auto right before you pays for your ride, as you would for the one who hops on after you alight. The rate meter is always set at zero so you can choose to pay as you wish, wrapping the money in one of the two boxes fitted behind the seats, labeled Love and Truth.  After the ride, Uday Bhai gives a self-written card to the passengers in which they have to put as much money as they like or that seems worthy and then post it into one of the two boxes fixed at the back of the seats which has ‘Love’ and ‘Truth’ written on them.
From inspiration to execution.

From inspiration to execution

Uday Bhai was inspired by the work of Manav Sadhna, an NGO based in the Gandhi Ashram, and subsequently dedicated his life to serving his fellow humans. Although he is laden with responsibilities from being the primary breadwinner for a family of ten, he works with Seva Café, a restaurant following pay-it-forward concept, during his hours off the road.

13-11-2010 Saturday:"Today was one of the most memorable days of my life. I got a chance to serve Mr. Amrut Bhai Tideva who was with Gandhiji during the Independence movement. He was sick and I was proud to serve him during such condition. I took him to L.G hospital where he consulted Dr. Jeetu. From there I took him to Ranip, Gandhi Ashram and then Manav Sadhna where he gave a speech of about fifteen minutes. Everybody felt proud and took his blessings. From there I went to L.G hospital to help him take his luggage and dropped him to his home. He gave me Rs 100 and asked to have food in nearby hotel Swagat. I didn’t take that money, but he forced me to take it and still I denied. I kneeled to his feet and asked him for his blessings. I also told him that whenever he wanted to have my help, just call me. I would be more than happy to serve you. I told him that I was lucky that I served a person who had been with Gandhiji."

Sharing some sweet memories from the road, Uday Bhai exemplifies how the work he is doing pays him with peace of mind and happiness in serving those around us. In order to serve more people and provide more comfort during travel, Uday Bhai has bought a new vehicle called Sabarmati no Saarthi that will run on the gift economy. He has already made a down payment of Rs 55,000 of Rs 4,00,000 to fulfill his purpose.

It takes courage and perseverance to jump into something like this for a person who comes from a humble background. Uday Bhai’s conviction in his faith and love for the work creates plenty of life-changing experiences for his clients. These encouraging instances drive him to continue with the cause.
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