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This Mother's New-Born Twins Are Battling For Life, Even Before She Could Hold Them In Her Arms

“We are so close to the happiness we had chased for years: just a step away. How can fate be so cruel? I am battling the pain of watching my children suffer before I could even hold them in my arms,”

Manoharan and Amudha are a simple, middle-class couple. For 19 years of their marriage, the couple has been trying to have a child to complete their family. Finally, with the help of IVF, they have been blessed with twin daughters. Unfortunately, their joy did not last very long. The babies were delivered pre-term, and were extremely critical at birth itself.

Manoharan and Amudha have waited 19 years to have a baby.

“We had everything, but craved the joy of having a baby. As time passed, the emptiness stung us more and more. We felt incomplete!”
They consulted various people and tried everything they could. It was 19 years later that their prayers were answered. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) helped them conceive a child. Soon, Amudha found out she was carrying twins. The mother’s joy knew no bounds!

Amudha thought she had lost her babies.

Amudha's life felt complete after the long period of hopelessness. She had waited over 19 years for just this moment. Things were normal in the first 6 months. However, at the end of the sixth month of pregnancy, Amudha had an episode of profuse bleeding.
Terrified, she was rushed to the hospital!
Twin B has Sepsis and still needs respiratory support

Her twins have been fighting to live since birth.

Amudha had to undergo a pre-term delivery. She had been blessed with twin daughters. The babies have been critical since birth, weighing under a kg each.

“Watching your own child suffer is the worst kind of pain for a parent. The only thing any parent wants is to give their children the best they can. I feel helpless now. My new born daughters are fighting hard to live.”
The babies have been on respiratory support and feeding tubes, slowly finding their way back to life. They have shown a good response to the intensive medical care they are being given.
Twin A is off respiratory support, and is on tube feeds.

A little support can save Amudha’s babies.

Manoharan has spent over 7 Lakh to give his babies the life-saving support that has kept them alive so far. They are still one step away from becoming stable and would need intensive medical care for another month. Manoharan has no money left to fund this care any further.
With your support Amudha can save her baby daughters!

Supporting document:
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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