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Barber Who Helplessly Watched Both His Babies Vomit Blood Cannot Afford To Save One Of Them

“She cries all the time. She cries when we try to feed her and when she is hungry. But what is worse is the times she doesn't cry or speak. She becomes very dull.” - Thanu Sree's mother Prema.

Doctors have told Thanu Sree's parents that she needs a liver transplant in the next two weeks because her liver is decompensated. She is already unable to eat or sleep because of how sick she feels all the time. Her parents spend sleepless nights trying to think of how to save their little girl.

Prema and Thanu Sree

These desperate parents have been trying to save both their children for years

Thanu Sree is two and hasn't yet picked up speech. But her parents are not very surprised because Thanu Sree's brother Anish also learnt to speak only after his liver transplant because his liver was damaged too. Instead of feeling relieved that their son was saved, they are once again plunged into the same nightmare. 

“We found out before his transplant that paapa (little girl) was sick too. That evening, sitting at home me and my husband had no words to left. Our two small children were fighting death. Our 3-year-old was vomitting blood. Our 1-year-old baby had the same disease. We did not want life for ourselves.” - Prema.

But they realised they would never give up. They applied for government aid and got the local MP to help. After facing a lot of difficulties they managed to save Anish. For Thanu Sree, they once again approached everyone – but the second time, help is slow in coming. 

“We live in a small village in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh. Asking for help or even taking paapa to the hospital takes hours. Everything is difficult. I can see that she is becoming dull. She never wants to eat anything and her stomach is swelling too. The doctor has asked us to do the transplant by this month.” - Prema.

Every day Baby Thanu Sree is moving closer to death

Thanu Sree refuses to eat because she has learnt that eating anything will make her feel sicker. She cries because she does not know why she is in pain. She has stopped playing with her brother and prefers lying down all day. 

Her brother Anish (5) knows that his sister also has the illness that he had. He prays to God so his sister too, like him, can get better. He tells her not be scared of operation and that the pain will go away. He is too young to know that the reason his parents don't sleep anymore is that they don't know how they will save Thanu Sree.

Thanu Sree's father Gopal runs a barber shop in their village. Prema used to work in fields as a daily-wage worker, but has stopped working since the children became sick. Everything they had has been spent and they have no way of arranging the Rs 16 lakhs needed for treatment.

How you can help

Thanu Sree's parents are too scared and worried to fully believe they will get help in time to save their little girl too. They are desperate for any help. Your contribution will give them the miracle that will save the family. 

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