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This Father's Kidney Disease Has Separated Him From His Family, Needs Urgent Transplant

When Yogesh underwent a transplant due to a kidney damage years ago, he thought he had been completely healed. He had never imagined that years later, his chronic kidney disease will threaten his life again. But now that his kidney disease is back again after 8 years, and he has to stay away from his wife and daughter. Yogesh has to stay in Delhi with his sister, while his wife and daughter are back in the village. He longs for the day when he will be able to go back to them and start living a normal life.

“I have been jobless for the past 2 years. My body doesn’t permit me to go to an office and work. What makes me feel guilty is the fact that I am incapable of shouldering my family responsibilities. My wife, Manisha works as a teacher in our village and is taking care of the entire family alone. I feel so helpless all the time. I want to play with my daughter, I want to help her complete her homework. I want to share Manisha's burden. But all I can do is lie on the bed and keep fearing of the worst. I feel that my family has been burdened with troubles because of me,” - Yogesh.

An old picture of Yogesh with his daughter

A dialysis every day is no longer enough to keep Yogesh alive, he needs an urgent transplant

2 years ago, when Yogesh's body started swelling up and blood pressure peaked, he didn't realise that his worst nightmare was about to come true. A routine visit to the doctor confirmed that his kidney disease was back. Yogesh had to quit his job in a private company. For the past 1 week, he has been on dialysis every day. Dialysis alone is no longer enough to save him. Without a transplant in a month, he will lose his life.

An older picture of Yogesh with his wife and daughter

“I haven’t seen bhaiya so broken all my life. He often tells me to take him back to the village- to my Bhabhi and my niece. It’s so painful to see him suffering so much. Every time he is in the dialysis room, I see him whimpering in pain. Every night, he struggles to fall asleep. I don’t understand why my brother has to suffer so much,” - Parvish, Yogesh’s sister and donor.

Yogesh with his sister Parvish

After spending lakhs to keep Yogesh alive, his family has no means to afford his transplant

In all these years, Yogesh and his family have lost count on how much they have spent so far. He needs medicines and dialysis to stay alive now. He had already undergone a kidney transplant once, for which they had spent Rs 10 lakhs. After that, they spent a few more lakhs for his follow-up treatment. His wife is the only earning member. It has become extremely difficult for them to manage even their daily needs. Now arranging another Rs 8.5 lakhs is impossible for them.

How you can help

Yogesh is suffering from chronic kidney disease. He had already undergone a kidney transplant 8 years ago and he needs another transplant now to stay alive. His family has already spent everything to keep him alive. Without help, Yogesh won’t be able to survive.

Your support will help this father get back to his daughter.

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