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This 13-year-old Has No Friends Or A Childhood Because Of Lupus, And Now It Could Kill Her

Wahfah is a 13-year-old girl from a distant town. She does not speak English or Hindi. She does not have any friends. She has not even spoken to her siblings for a few months. Wahfah is confined to the four walls of her sterile hospital room. The only trip she makes is back to their rented home in Bangalore which has also been sterilized so she does to contract any infection. Her house has no mirrors.
‘If she looks into one, she might die of heartbreak.’ – Abdul, father.

Taken a long time ago, when Wahfah had just begun exhibiting symptoms

'My daughter had the same disease, and she did not survive'

It has been 3 years since Wahfah dropped out of school. Her joints would become so inflamed that she would say it is burning whenever she felt searing pain. Her father had to carry her to school and back until she could not even sit.
“She would not even sleep. We realized my son, Wahfah’s sister, had something similar. She died a few years ago. I knew we had to get Wahfah help. When everything else failed, we came to Bangalore for her diagnosis and treatment. Wahfah has Lupus. She needed a bone marrow transplant.” – Abdul

The family portrait today only paints pain

They acted just in time, but it still does not mean Wahfah is safe

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks itself. As a result, there is a lot of swelling, skin issues (in this case discoloration), kidney dysfunction and sensitivity to light. It explains why the entire family never left the house, visited relatives, or went anywhere after Wahfah fell ill. It also explains how the little girl lost her childhood, lives in fear, and only talks to her parents if they are around her at the hospital.

Wahfah is still in a lot of pain and it is going to take several months of treatment before she is fine

“Wahfah’s condition was getting so bad that we had to do the transplant urgently. I donated my bone marrow. Today, she is stable, not showing any signs of rejection, and is recovering. She is not out of danger yet. The real test starts now. Any moment, if she contracts the mildest of infection, all this would fail.” – Abdul

The last family holiday, a long time ago when Wahfah could still stand and walk

The family has lost everything in this fight to save Wahfah

Abdul handcrafts slippers in a tourist island in the Indian Ocean. Before all this, he was happy with his job, income, and family of four children and a wife. He even had his own piece of land and house on the island. Today, his wife, Naseera does not even wear earrings. All their money has gone towards saving Wahfah.

Today, Wahfah is confined to this bed, and does not really know what she looks like

My children may not recognize their sister. Our relatives too. This disease has taken a lot away from Wahfah. You asked about mirrors? We don’t have any reflective surface in the house. If she looks at herself, she might die of shock.  She sometimes stares at her hands and feet. She looks at me and asks if they will ever get back to normal, if she would ever be normal. I have no answer to that yet.” – Naseera

Daddy's little girl can be saved with a little help from you

This is the last mile and Wahfah needs your help to get her life back

Wahfah has a lot of food restrictions. Abdul and Naseera have brought all the condiments and groceries from their hometown as they were not sure if they would have enough money left to buy here. They cook for their daughter every day. They are unable to afford rent now, and yet they have to pay for Wahfah’s treatment.

We have to stay here for at least 6 months. Every week she needs to visit the hospital. She is on medicines to prevent rejection. We have already spent a few lakhs on her treatment, Rs. 2.2 lakhs on rent and tickets to come here. Thankfully, we brought enough food along with us. There are still so many bills to pay. Without much on hand, we are worried about losing our daughter just like we lost our son.” – Naseera

You've seen what this disease has done to Wahfah. She is out here without her siblings, cousins or friends. She does not even remember what it is like to be at school. She wonders if she will survive the pain.
Your contribution can definitely help her get back home healthy.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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