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Disabled Father With No Income Needs Help To Save Son With Multiple Organ Failure

After I became disabled after an accident 3 years ago, I haven't been able to go to work. I haven't been able to support my family properly. My son is fighting for his life in the ICU and I can't find a way to save him,” - Rajesh, father.

Vishal loved staying indoors, and now staying in the hospital has made him sad

Vishal was a very happy child who preferred spending time with his disabled father at home. The only time he liked the idea of the outdoors was when he would accompany Rajesh to the market once in a while. He loved to play board games and painting with his father. But now, he has many tubes connected to his body and is in a lot of pain, but he is most sad about the fact that he can neither play nor do the things that he loved doing with his father.

An old photo of Vishal with his father

Vishal was unconscious and couldn't recognize his parents 

A month ago, suddenly, Vishal started complaining of severe stomach ache. His mother, Poonam thought that he must have eaten something unhealthy outside at first but got worried when he stopped passing stools completely. Despite giving him medicines for a few days, his condition was deteriorating. The worst of all was when he couldn't recognize his parents all of a sudden. They had to take Vishal to 3 different hospitals between Bareilly and Delhi. They were shocked to find out that Vishal has encephalopathy, which is a dysfunction in the brain. His kidneys and liver also stopped working due to multiple organ dysfunction. He still needs to stay in the ICU to stay alive.

“For 12 days, my son didn’t open his eyes. We were longing to hear him speak once. Even when he finally opened his eyes, he couldn’t recognize us. Those were the worst days of our lives. It’s so painful to see your own child not being able to realize that his parents were there for him. He cried all the time. He didn't even let us touch him. He is still in so much pain. He can’t sit or stand, he keeps lying on his bed all day long. He can’t even change sides when he sleeps.”

For the past 1 month, Rajesh and Poonam have stayed in a small room near the hospital. They spend their days worrying in the hospital and asking doctors if their son will survive. After they go back to their room, they spend sleepless nights worrying about their child.

With no source of income for 3 years, arranging lakhs of rupees is beyond Rajesh’s means

After Rajesh broke his polio-affected left leg, he hasn’t been able to get any work. Poonam spends her day taking care of her husband and children. There has been no source of income for these 3 years. They were at the mercy of Poonam’s mother and other neighbours for food and other necessities. Now when Vishal fell terribly sick, he had to sell Poonam’s jewellery and paid almost Rs 2 lakhs. He still needs Rs 6 lakhs which is impossible for him to arrange.

“I tried seeking help from my family and relatives. But everyone denied help. Nobody cared to help me save the life of an innocent little boy. My own brothers have refrained from visiting us. I have told the doctors that apart from selling one of my organs, I can’t find a way to save my son. I feel so helpless. Without your help, I won’t be able to take my son back home ever again.”

How you can help

5-year-old Vishal is suffering from multiple organ dysfunction which includes his brain, liver, and kidneys. He has been in the ICU for more than a month now and still needs to be there to survive. His handicapped father, who didn’t have any income for the past 3 years, has nothing or no one to help him. Arranging a few lakhs is just beyond his means.

Your support will help this handicapped father save his son’s life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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