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Pregnant Mother Is Racing Against Time To Save Her Elder Daughter From Cancer

"My little daughter was profusely bleeding from her nose, despite being nine months pregnant I carried my 3-year-old in my arms to the hospital. I was overwhelmed and I did not know how to calm her, she was crying inconsolably. By the time we reached the hospital in Mysore from our village, her body was burning with fever. For a moment I thought I'll lose her and it was terrible." - Mamatha, Vidhatri's mother.

The fatal disease had crushed the happiness of this family

Shanmukha and Mamatha were feeling blissful when she was carrying again and were delighted that Vidhatri will soon have a brother or sister to play with. But their happiness was short lived as twisted fate had other plans for their daughter. She was diagnosed with cancer.

"When we took our daughter to Mysore, they told us after a couple of tests that she is showing symptoms of cancer. We immediately rushed to a private hospital in Bangalore. All along the way, I was just praying to God to save my daughter from this dreadful disease. When they told us that my child is at the death's door, we were terrified and we did not know what to do. But we understood that there was no time to delay, so we immediately admitted her and started the treatment." - Mamatha.

Only an urgent treatment will help Vidhatri survive cancer

3-year-old Vidhatri is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a form of blood cancer where an excess number of white blood cells are produced in the body. She urgently needs intense chemotherapy for 6 months. The parents were able to start the treatment and she had one cycle of chemotherapy but they are unable to afford the next one without which she will not live for long.

"My little one cries daily with stomach pain and she flinches to the sight of injections. She cries with exuberant pain and whatever I do to pacify her, doesn't work. At times, she cries so much that she exhausts all her energy and will not have an ounce of energy left in her to weep, I find her weakly looking at the ceiling with teary eyes for hours. It is unbearable to see my active kid bedridden like this." - Mamatha.

This electrician is left penniless and cannot save his little daughter

Shanmukha is an electrician and sole bread-earner of the family. He earns Rs 9,000 a month. With this little income, he strives to run the house. With this small job, he is unable to afford the expensive treatment that can save his daughter's life. The family needs 10 lakhs to help their child survive.

"Instead of being excited about the delivery in 15 days, the mother in me is terrified to lose my daughter who is on the brink of death. The trauma that I face when I think about how to  save her on one hand and to undergo a sucessful delivery on the other hand is taking a toll on me. We have spent all our savings on her tests and did not have enough money to start her treatment so we have borrowed amount on a high-interest rate and spent 1.5 lakhs. One cycle of chemotherapy costs Rs 7,000 which is more than eighty percent of my husband's income. She needs to undergo the same treatment twice a week. Now we have nothing left for my delivery and for my child's treatment," - Mamatha.

How You Can Help

3-year-old Vidhatri is suffering from a severe form of blood cancer. She urgently needs intense chemotherapy for 6 months. The poor parents have done everything they could to save their daughter but they were able to afford only one cycle of chemotherapy. They cannot afford this expensive treatment which will help Vidhatri survive. Now they are completely dependent on crowdfunding to save their little daughter from certain death.

Your kind contribution will help Vidhatri live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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