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Man Cannot Even Afford Tickets For His Children To See Their Mother Who Is Suffering From Cancer

Venkatamma hasn’t seen her children in 8 months now because she’s undergoing treatment for cancer. Her five children do not know the nature of her disease, and cannot even visit her because they have no money for tickets. Venkatamma can barely stand on some days, the disease has taken all function in her leg. When her children call her, she puts up a brave front. Her feeble voice suddenly becomes chirpy and she assures them she’ll be back soon. Venkatamma, however, knows that she might never go home alive if she cannot afford treatment.

They live in a small house filled with love and laughter

In the blistering heat of their village in Andhra Pradesh, Venkatamma and Chinnavobhaia worked through the day on others’ farms to earn Rs. 250 per day. With that, they would buy the vegetables they could afford for their family. They couldn’t save anything. They live in a house with a thatched roof, and there isn’t enough space for their family – but the warmth and laughter in that house was hard to miss.

“We would all sit on the floor and have dinner together, under the one bulb that we have in the house. It isn’t ideal, but we made the best of what we had.” – Chinnavobhaia, husband

Venkatamma's husband and children

Their poverty came in the way of many things, their children’s education, for one, but they never thought that one day it would come in the way of life-saving treatment. Venkatamma was diagnosed with cancer last year. Her backache was persistent and Chinnavobhaia somehow managed to take her to Bangalore for treatment. However, she suddenly lost all movement in her leg. This recurred every two months before her condition was finally diagnosed as multiple myeloma – cancer of the white blood cells responsible for producing antibodies.

She cries every time she thinks of her children

Her husband is struggling to make at least Rs. 100 more a day for her treatment

Venkatamma is undergoing chemotherapy, but only a bone marrow transplant can cure her of this disease. Chinnavobhaia has to keep travelling from Bangalore to their village to work and take care of their children. Their children don’t know what their mother has cancer, all they know is that she has a backache. Chinnavobhaia doesn’t even have the means to afford their train tickets to Bangalore.

“Every time I leave for our village, my wife asks me if I can take a picture of our children and show her when I’m back. She’s only worried about them. She’s determined to get better only for them.”

Venkatamma wants to fight the disease for her children

Venkatamma and Chinnavobhaia come from a very humble background. They can’t afford the 8 lakhs needed for her treatment. Without this, Venkatamma might never be able to go home to her children. Her children miss her terribly, but they can’t see her because Chinnavobhaia can’t even afford their tickets, let alone Venkatamma’s transplant. Venkatamma has worked hard all her life to overcome hurdles, she can make it through this with your support.

Venkatamma can fight cancer and go back to her children with your help.

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